Exhaust system - Easy2Fit®

Original equipment expertise for the aftermarket.



Both automotive suppliers HELLA and Faurecia are joining forces in the independent spare parts business and are acting together in the aftermarket. Both companies boast considerable original equipment expertise: the world's major automotive brands rely greatly on Faurecia and HELLA. As a result of the bundling of their activities, customers benefit not only from a comprehensive range of services, but above all from a significantly expanded product range.


In order to symbolise the close ties between HELLA and Faurecia, both companies operate under the umbrella brand "FORVIA".


For the independent workshop this means: in addition to the well-known, comprehensive HELLA product portfolio, now Faurecia Service product lines can also be purchased from HELLA via wholesalers – with all the advantages that HELLA has to offer as a friend of the independent workshop.


The joint aftermarket activities initially begins with exhaust systems. Today one in four cars worldwide is equipped with a Faurecia exhaust system. Using this expertise as a basis, the French Group has developed the “Easy2Fit®” kits. These high-quality exhaust system kits are modular and intelligently designed: over 26,000 OE applications are covered by approximately 3,300 spare parts across four product groups.


This also means the following: it is very easy to order the products from HELLA via wholesalers – all you need is a part number to find all parts and accessories. An added bonus is that the delivery arrives in highly reinforced cardboard boxes and consequently remains undamaged. This significantly simplified order and logistics processing ensures fast and efficient repairs. In addition, the exhaust systems can be replaced efficiently and profitably by just one car mechanic.


So you can clearly see that the partnership between HELLA and Faurecia offers you many advantages. And that is only the beginning. Other product lines will expand the "Faurecia. Partnered with HELLA" leading edge even further. Look forward to more interesting and sophisticated products in the near future.

Time for new solutions

Cumbersome transport, complex storage and difficult installation: exhaust systems present a number of logistical challenges for the aftermarket. To reduce not only the risk of damage to goods but also transportation costs, Faurecia Service has developed the Easy2Fit® product line: thanks to the innovative system, exhaust spare parts (such as DPF, catalytic converter, silencer or pipe) including installation accessories fit into a handy, Euro-pallet standardised box.

Our quality standards for the Easy2Fit® parts

All our exhaust systems have been tested in Faurecia's EN ISO 14000 and IATF 16949 certified research and development department to the strictest manufacturer standards.


These tests fully comply with car manufacturers' requirements and specifications surrounding vibration, sealing, heat, strength, sound and durability. Faurecia is a world leader in exhaust systems.