QR code

Expertise - using a QR code on product packaging

QR codes provide access to technical documentation and practical tips

What will the independent workshop of the future look like? Of course, even we cannot see into the future. But one thing is already certain: it is getting easier and easier to access important information – exactly when you need it. And that means you will be able to work even faster and more profitably in the future than ever before.

How does that work?

Using a QR code, which can be found on more and more HELLA product packaging. When you enter the code into your smartphone, you will see all the important data about that product in a matter of seconds. In addition to important technical information, for example on configuration, there are also many supplementary offerings, such as short videos demonstrating the assembly of the relevant spare part.


Using the QR codes, the HELLA TECH WORLD gets yet another step closer to your workplace with all the tips and documents on spare parts. You can also use the QR code to access exclusive information that is only available with the QR code. As a friend of the independent workshop, HELLA accompanies you through the entire repair process – enabling you to get the customer's vehicle back on the road more efficiently and quickly. This added value is currently offered by selected vehicle-specific lighting products and will be further expanded in the future.