mega macs X

The mega macs X is completely different to the old norm: it revolutionises the way we work and communicate with the vehicle and adapts to workshops of any size.

mega macs X – the flexible diagnostic solution

The flexible diagnostic solution

Just like vehicles, the conversation with them is changing. That is why Hella Gutmann has completely rethought the world of diagnostics and data, and has created mega macs X: the all-in-one car translator. Just like the vehicle users, you, too, in the workshops should also be able to decide completely individually which function modules and data types you require for your multi-make diagnostics and which hardware controller you would like to use for this purpose. Perhaps one particular way today but a different way tomorrow. With mega macs, it's just a matter of configuration.

X benefits

X is the variable for reaping all the benefits that every workshop can freely define and configure.

X = Low-cost start
Flexible licensing system | Software updates included | Use of your own display device

X = Flexible and simple use
Easy handling | Operated on separate display unit

X = Individual configuration of functions
Flexible service scopes | Upgrades can be changed at any time in the macs365 customer portal

X = Fast, semi-automated initial installation
Plug & play commissioning | Guided set-up on the display unit

X = Durable soft-touch housing
High-quality material protects against damage | Easy to repair due to double-shell housing

Downloads suitable for mega macs X

mega macs X
  • ARM dual processor 1.2 GHz
  • RAM 2 GB DDR3
  • EMMC 32 GB
  • USB-C
  • DC-In
  • Ethernet
Supply voltage12 V to 24 VDC
Working area temperature0 to 45 °C
Storage area temperature-10 to 50 °C
Weight1,420 g
Dimensions210 x 193 x 80 mm (H x W x D)
Requirements for an external display unit
  • Screen diagonal 25.4 cm (10 inch)
  • Screen resolution at least 1024*768 pixels
  • WLAN in accordance with IEEE 802.11 n
  • Browser Google Chrome at least version 81

mega macs X: Hella Gutmann tablet

Optional: Hella Gutmann tablet

Even if you have never held a tablet in your hands before, you are on the safe side with this package. Thanks to the integrated set-up wizard, the tablet and mega macs X recognise each other fully automatically and you can start diagnostics immediately.


Software on the tablet is limited to the essentials: for interacting with mega macs X for diagnostics and using e-mail and the web browser. Downloading apps from the network is deliberately blocked on the Hella Gutmann tablet to safeguard the speed of your operating and display unit for the long term.

Measurement technology: Our solutions and scope of delivery at a glance



In the Basic variant, the MT-HV can be supplemented with an existing low-voltage measurement technology module (MT77/MT56) and, in conjunction with the mega macs X, serves as a first step into wireless measurement technology.



In the Plus variant, the MT-HV is supplied with the high-voltage measurement cables and can be used in conjunction with the mega macs X and the corresponding licence for measurements in the high-voltage range. An existing low-voltage measuring technology module (MT77/MT56) can also be used for low-voltage measurement. Apart from the high-voltage measuring cables, the MT-HV operates completely wirelessly.



In the Pro version, you get the MT-HV and the high-voltage test leads in the colours red and black. The package also includes an MT-77 measurement module as well as measurement cables and accessories for low-voltage measurements. In conjunction with mega macs X and the X5 licence, all measurements in the high and low voltage range from Hella Gutmann are available to you.



The small wired measurement module MT-USB transforms your mega macs X into a digital two-channel multimeter for measurements up to 60 volts. You simply connect the device via USB and conveniently perform all settings on the control terminal of your mega macs X.

Licence to diagnose – With our transparent licence packages, you always know exactly which services are available to you. And if you need a little more, simply switch to a more comprehensive package.

Licence to diagnose

As a flexible, cross-brand diagnostic device, the mega macs X makes itself irreplaceable in everyday workshop work. The quick change between functions and data in as few steps as possible saves you valuable time. Multiple entries are eliminated, sources of error are minimised. This starts with the secure vehicle identification via VIN or alternative options. In addition to the compulsory function of reading and deleting error codes, a mega macs X has impressive comprehensive options. Among its easiest exercises are service resets, automatic mileage queries and insight into system parameters. Depending on your individual configuration, your mega macs X also supports you with active actuator controls (actuator test), basic settings, coding and calibrations. And nothing works faster than when a solution is automatically suggested and hits the bull's eye. In conjunction with the Hella Gutmann PassThru software, corresponding access authorisations and a Windows PC on which the software of the desired vehicle manufacturer is installed, the mega macs X itself functions as a PassThru interface, so it can be used for reprogramming or software updates on OE control units.

The variety of manufacturer-specific unlocking procedures for the security systems of new and future vehicle generations hinders competitive
working models and therefore needs to be managed in the best possible way. In the mega macs X, this is handled by Hella Gutmann Cyber Security Management. It is installed once. Then you have free rein to work with the usual diagnostic scope on vehicles with safety locks.

Reading the error code, looking at the system parameters and performing a targeted actuator test don't always lead to finding the cause of error. A traditional electrical measurement can then provide the facts required. This is not as difficult with a mega macs X as the complex electronic systems of modern vehicles may make it seem. If desired, your diagnostic device can also be turned into a practical two-channel multimeter using a measuring technology module. This allows voltage measurements up to 60 volts as well as current and resistance measurements. All settings can be adjusted via the control unit, as before. Your mega macs X can even guide you through precise instruction.

The number of vehicles with multi-voltage and high-voltage electrical systems is growing dramatically. You can also rely on support from your mega macs X for facing this challenge, provided you are qualified to work on high-voltage vehicles. Taking all safety regulations into account, your diagnostic device guides you safely through high-voltage measurements on hybrid and electric vehicles. Real practical benefits can be derived from the precise instructions, clear depictions of the measurement results and target/actual value analyses.

Without the right data at the right time and in the right place, even the best technician is at a loss. We therefore spare no effort in providing our customers with technical data of a high quality, ideally corresponding with OE quality. In mega macs X, links to appropriate databases run unnoticed in the background.
However, not every workshop needs the entire, ever-expanding world of data. Therefore, you alone decide which thematic modules fit your service portfolio. Today and in the future, the data is and will continue to be adapted and expanded in terms of content and model coverage.

Work on vehicles with innovative driver assistance and lighting systems just as on high-voltage vehicles requires full attention and a large amount of additional data. The ADAS & Lighting module takes into account the large number and complexity of driver assistance systems (ADAS) and also the wealth of manufacturer-specific and model-specific variants. The E-Mobility data and function module offers everything you need to have at hand in preparation for and during work on electric and hybrid vehicles.

What would everyday workshop life be like as a "lone fighter"? It would certainly be arduous. But, as a Hella Gutmann customer, you will never be left alone. In the technical call centre at Hella Gutmann, competent friends will help you if you are stuck with what to do at the customer's vehicle. Whether you use the written chat function from mega macs X or call the technical call centre, our team of around 90 experts will be there to receive your request. With many years of experience and up-to-date, manufacturer-specific information, we help at least 2,000 workshops every day to troubleshoot and repair customer vehicles.

Time is money. With an X4 or X5 licence, you don't need to check whether your Call Card still has credit, because a Call Flat is included for you as a VIP service. This means that you can also give your employees the flat-rate "free pass" to use the technical assistance. This saves time and does not incur extra costs.

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