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Vehicle specific repair tips

In this database, you will find vehicle-specific diagnostic and repair information relating to a variety of fault symptoms. This professional, technical information has been compiled by experienced technicians and mechanics to support automotive workshops with vehicle repairs. You can search the database by entering multiple keywords, for instance the vehicle make, model, relevant system or components, and also filter the information using the categories (for example, lighting, electronics, etc.).

Thermal Management
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VW Golf 4 - Air-conditioning system not working | BEHR HELLA. Volkswagen. Golf 4. Model years: 1997 – 2005. All models with manual air-conditioning system. Air-conditioning system not working. Should the air-conditioning system and/or compressor not function properly in the above vehicles, a defect/fault in the area of the outside temperature sensor might be the cause. ...


Volvo V70 - Engine warning light illuminates | BEHR HELLA. Volvo. V70 (BW). Model years: 2007 – 2015. Motor: 2,0 Diesel. Loss of power / Whistling noises /. Engine warning light illuminates. Should a loss of power occur in the above vehicles, an insufficiently fastened hose on the intercooler might be the cause. Whistling noises in the acceleration phase and simultaneous ...


MINI R50/52/53 - Intermittent failure of air-conditioning system | BEHR HELLA. MINI. R50/52/53. Model years: 2001 - 2009. Motor: W10 B16 A. Intermittent failure of air-conditioning system. The air-conditioning / heater system control units may occasionally fail in the above vehicles. Inadequate ground connection can be the possible cause here. For remedying the situation, check ground supply of control unit multi-plug. ...


Renault Megane 2 - Defective pressure sensor | BEHR HELLA. Renault. Megane 2. Model years: 2005 – 2009. Engine: 1,6i 83KW (K4M 762). Defective pressure sensor. In above vehicles, a defective pressure sensor can lead to operating issues. The respective voltage supplies of pressure sensor (image) in air-conditioning system and accelerator pedal sensor are connected. ...


Nissan X-Trail - Interior blower not working | BEHR HELLA. Nissan. X-Trail (T30). Model years: 2003 – 2010. Engine: diesel. Interior blower not working. Should the interior blower fail partially or completely in above vehicle, a defective electric blower controller might be the cause. In case of a defective electronic blower controller, the functioning of individual or of all blower levels could be impacted. The fuses should initially be checked. ...


Mercedes-Benz B-Class - Vehicle lighting malfunction | HELLA. Mercedes- Benz. B-Class. Model years: from 2011. Display: - Vehicle lighting malfunction. - Vehicles with trailer hitch. If the indicated problem occurs in the above vehicle, a contact problem of the trailer hitch plug connection might be the cause. The display -- instrument cluster -- shows eg: malfunction of vehicle lighting --. This issue occurs in trailer mode. Repair notes. - Check trailer lighting. ...


Mercedes-Benz A-Class - Rear combination lamp with reduced luminosity | HELLA. Mercedes-Benz. A-Class. Model years: 2004 - 2009. Rear combination lamp with reduced luminosity. If the indicated problem occurs in the above vehicle, a contact problem/ charred bulb holder of the rear combination lamp could be the possible cause. Fig.1 Fig.2. Fig.1. - before, with reduced luminosity. Fig.2. - okay_ after repair. Repair note: - Opening vehicle rear door. ...


Audi Q5 - Reversing light sporadically not functioning | HELLA. Audi. Q5. Model years: 09/2015 – 05/2017. Reversing light sporadically not functioning. If the indicated problem occurs in above vehicle, a malfunction of the reversing light switch might be a possible cause. This malfunction might additional cause defects of the parking assist system and/or rear view camera system. Vehicles with six-speed gearboxes are affected. ...


Volkswagen Eos - Interior lighting activates while driving | HELLA. Volkswagen. Eos. Model years: 05/2006 – 11/2010. Interior lighting activates while driving. If the indicated problem occurs in above vehicle, a malfunction of the hazard warning switch might be a possible cause. The central locking system might also be malfunctioning -- it unlocks and locks by itself while driving --. Repair notes. ...


Volvo S40/S50 - Temperature control of air-conditioning system | BEHR HELLA. Volvo. S40/S50. Year of manufacture: 2004 - 2006. Temperature control of air-conditioning system. In the above vehicles, corrosion on a connector and/or a damaged wiring harness can adversely affect the control of the air-conditioning system. If there are problems in controlling the temperature ...