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Vehicle specific repair tips

In this database, you will find vehicle-specific diagnostic and repair information relating to a variety of fault symptoms. This professional, technical information has been compiled by experienced technicians and mechanics to support automotive workshops with vehicle repairs. You can search the database by entering multiple keywords, for instance the vehicle make, model, relevant system or components, and also filter the information using the categories (for example, lighting, electronics, etc.).

Thermal Management
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Audi Q5 - Noise from air-conditioning line | BEHR HELLA. Audi. Q5. Model years: 2010 – 2016. Noise from air-conditioning line. The vehicles mentioned above may experience clattering noise coming from the engine compartment. If this happens, special attention should be paid to the lines of the air-conditioning system. There is a possibility that the noise may be caused by insufficient clearance between the refrigerant line and coolant expansion tank. ...


Audi A4/A5/A6/A7/Q5/Q7/TT - Loss of power in heating/air-conditioning systems | BEHR HELLA. Audi. A4/A5/A6/A7/Q5/Q7/TT. Model years: 2011 – 2014. Loss of power in heating/air-conditioning systems. Should the vehicles mentioned above experience a loss of heating and/or air-conditioning power, water entry into the wiring harness may be the cause. Due to defective ...


Volkswagen Golf VI - Functional defect of cabin fan during low outside temperatures | BEHR HELLA. Volkswagen. Golf VI. Model years: 2011 – 2014. Functional defect of cabin fan. during low outside temperatures. Should the vehicles mentioned above experience a defect of the cabin fan, the possible cause might be frozen water inside the fan enclosure. Under certain conditions, falling snow can enter the fan enclosure via the fresh air intake. ...


Volvo XC 90 II - Temperature control of air-conditioning system | BEHR HELLA. Volvo. XC 90 II (256). Model year: 2016 - 2017. Temperature control of air-conditioning system. Faulty display for outside temperature. The vehicles mentioned above may have a faulty interior display for the outside temperature. This can also affect how the air-conditioning system is controlled. A faulty sensor in the outside mirror is the possible cause. ...


"Starting aid" repair notes - Jump starting using jumper cables | HELLA. "Starting aid" repair notes. Jump starting using jumper cables. If the starting speed of a motor vehicle is not sufficient to start the engine due to a weak battery, the vehicle can be started externally using an external battery and jumper cables. In the majority of cases, the procedure ─ also known as "bypassing" ─ is performed with a second vehicle and jumper cables. ...


Citroen Xsara Picasso - Malfunction of left headlight | HELLA. Citroen. Xsara Picasso. All models from 2005 - 2010. Failure of the function of the left headlight. In case of complaints about the failure of the function of the left headlight on the above mentioned models, the cause may be a damaged / faulty wiring harness in the area of the audio unit. The insulation on the harness ...


Vauxhall Corsa D - Interior blower not working | BEHR HELLA. Vauxhall. Corsa D. Model year: 2007 - 2009. With manual air conditioning system. Interior blower not working. If the interior blower fails in one of the vehicles listed above, this may be caused by a faulty plug connection on the series resistor. Vehicles with a manual air conditioning system and the following chassis number: up to W0L0SDL6894298980 (Zaragoza plant). ...


Lancia Phedra - Poor cooling performance | BEHR HELLA. Lancia. Phedra. With automatic-air conditioning. Poor cooling performance. Delayed temperature regulation. On the above mentioned vehicles it is possible that selected temperature changes in the "cold" direction are only implemented with a delay. During the first few minutes after the temperature change, warm air is still output. ...


Peugeot 807 - Condensation water outflow | BEHR HELLA. Peugeot. 807. Year of manufacture: 2002 - 2005. Condensation water outflow /. Airbag monitoring light. Problem. Accumulation of water in the passenger footwell. The airbag monitoring lamp lights up. In an extreme case, the airbag(s) is/are activated. Possible causes. : In case of accumulation of water in the footwell: Defective outflow of condensation water from the air conditioner. ...


Nissan Pathfinder - Frozen Evaporator | BEHR HELLA. Nissan. Pathfinder (R51). Model Year: 2007 – 2010. Frozen Evaporator. Reduced Air Outflow. On the vehicles listed above, it is possible that the evaporator may freeze after long periods of driving, and the air outflow speed from the interior nozzles may be reduced. A faulty evaporator temperature sensor is the possible cause. ...