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The air mass sensor is a critical component of any Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) management that makes a significant contribution in optimising the performance and efficiency of the engine. If the air mass sensor is defective or provides incorrect values, this can lead to a number of serious problems. A defective air mass sensor must therefore be recognised and replaced by workshops at an early stage. With an air mass sensor from HELLA, workshops make a good choice. 


  • OE know-how: OE expertise in electronics that is constantly transferred to the independent aftermarket 


  • Reliable and optimised performance: Our air mass sensors allow optimal performance that satisfies your customers and simplifies your daily workshop life 


  • Optimal fit: Benefit from fast and efficient installation due to air mass sensors that are made to fit 


  • Wide range: Workshops will find the right product for many applications

How does the air mass sensor work?

The air mass sensor is located between the air filter housing and the intake manifold. It measures the intake air flow of the engine, which is crucial for the real-time adjustment of the air/fuel mixture. It also serves as a control gateway for the functionality of the EGR system.  Therefore, it plays a decisive role in modern combustion engines and makes a significant contribution to the optimum performance and efficiency of the engine.

How does the air mass sensor work?

When does the air mass sensor need to be replaced?

When does the air mass sensor need to be replaced?

Incorrect air flow and temperature values delivered by the sensor reading head could be one of the reasons. Among other effects, this can result in a loss of power, increased fuel consumption, bad driving experience and increased emissions.


Driving with a defective air mass sensor can lead to an inaccurate injection management process, having a negative effect on the reliability of other related emission and engine management components such as particulate filter, EGR valve, exhaust sensors.


Therefore, it is very important to recognise a faulty air mass sensor at an early stage and replace it with the best suitable product to the specific application.


It is recommended not to clean a dirty mass air flow sensor, but to replace it for a reliable long-term result.

What HELLA offers

Workshops can rely on the quality from HELLA – one of the market leaders in the field of air mass sensors in the independent aftermarket. Our products simplify your daily workshop life due to an ideal fit and can also lead to optimised performance in real time and high flow measurement accuracy.  


Whether you are looking for a fully assembled mass air flow sensor with integrated sensor or just a simple sensor replacement solution that fits into the vehicle's original housing, with our wide range of vehicle-specific mass air flow sensors, we are sure you will find the right product.  

What HELLA offers

Save your customers from expensive follow-up repairs and rely on air mass sensors from HELLA!

With air mass sensors from HELLA, you benefit from reliable quality, precise fitting and a wide range of high-performance products. 


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Universal parts - spare parts that are not vehicle specific

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