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VW Golf 6 Plus - Poor acceleration performance | HELLA

VW Golf 6 Plus

All Models

Model year 2010-2014

Poor acceleration performance

Motor control light is lit

Error codes: P0225, P1630, P2122

If the defect described above occurs together with the listed error codes, a possible cause may be a defective plug connection of the accelerator pedal sensor.

In this case, we recommend the following procedure:

  • Unplug accelerator pedal sensor connector on the wiring harness side and check for loose or defective individual connectors. Repair or replace defective components
  • Check accelerator pedal sensor for proper functioning. Also display and analyze signal curve in diagnostic unit or oscilloscope
  • Delete error memory entries and do test drive.


In this context, is is possible that additional error codes are displayed in the control unit:

P0226, P0227, P0228, P1631, P1632, P1633, P1634, P1639, P2123, P2127, P2128, P2135, oder P2138.

Example: parameter display in mega macs 66 diagnostic unit. Error-free signal curve following confirmation of accelerator pedal sensor

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