Ford Focus - problems regarding bi-xenon headlamps with dynamic cornering light

Data sheet
Vehicle modelFocus MK3 (DYB)
Year of manufacture2010 - 2018
SymptomsVarious problems affecting bi-xenon headlamps with dynamic cornering light

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Ford Focus MK3 - a broken cable in the headlamp can lead to various problems

With the above-mentioned vehicles, a broken cable in the headlamp can lead to various problems:

  • High beam does not switch on
  • Headlamp swivels back and forth and moves into error position
  • Headlamp cannot be adjusted
  • "Headlamp error message" in the instrument cluster
  • Error code in the error memory (e.g. B14D9)

Broken cables on the control boards in the headlamp are a possible cause. In order to remedy the situation, the headlamp can be removed and repaired. After removing the rear cover on the headlamp, there is a clear view of the internal wiring or circuit board (see picture). The circuit board moves with the headlamp unit when the dynamic cornering light function is in operation. This movement can break the cables at the board’s connector. So as to remedy this, it is possible to extend the cables, fit them with new contacts and replace the connector.


For better access to the circuit boards, the "xenon burner" should be removed during the repair.


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