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V90 D3

Model year: 2016 - 2017

Engine: all 2.0 diesels D4204T9

Insufficient/delayed throttle response

In such a repair case, the customer complains that the engine reacts inadequately and/or with delay to the power increase requested by the accelerator pedal sensor (gas pedal) during the acceleration phase.

In order to exclude other possible causes of malfunction, electrical and mechanical system tests (in accordance with vehicle manufacturer specifications) and also a fault code query using a suitable diagnostic unit should be carried out.

The following error codes can be set:

- P00BC Air flow/air mass meter A - Flow rate too low

- P0471 Exhaust gas pressure sensor - Signal faulty

- P0472 Exhaust gas pressure sensor - Signal too low

- P0473 Exhaust gas pressure sensor - Signal too high

In this case, the flow of the exhaust gas pressure sensor pipe is contaminated by impurities and therefore blocked. The pipe (OE No. 31370333) must be replaced. The exhaust gas pressure sensor (OE No. 31319419) may also be damaged as a result of pollutants. This should be checked and, if necessary, also renewed.


Please note that the vehicle manufacturer's repair and maintenance instructions are always to be observed and that such repair work should only be carried out by an authorised specialist workshop.

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