macsRemote Services

Remote-controlled coding & calibration

When you are at the end of your diagnostic tether

With macsRemote Services, Hella Gutmann enables selected measures to be carried out remotely.


There are always situations where workshops reach their limits - either because they lack data or access authorisations, because the vehicle is not yet included in the usual diagnostic software or because the appropriate calibration board is not yet available.


A Hella Gutmann technician can carry out a wide range of measures on the customer's vehicle remotely – and on almost all vehicle makes & models. This saves the workshop valuable time and helps it maintain its independence.


The macsRemote hardware (VCI) is the only investment. Using the services does not require any contractual commitment and simply works according to the pay-per-use principle. You cannot get more simple than that!


Step by step to the measure you want:

  • macsRemote-VCI is connected to the vehicle via the OBD interface
  • The browser on the end device is used to register
  • The vehicle and desired service are selected and commissioned after a cost review
  • The Hella Gutmann technician communicates with you while the service is being performed
  • The documentation and invoice are sent afterwards