mega macs 56

Powerful, portable and packed with features

An advanced and highly portable diagnostic tool with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth VCI connectivity, and a 10.4” high resolution touchscreen.

Lightweight design, heavyweight features

Whilst designed to be lightweight and portable, the mega macs 56 vehicle diagnostic tool has some heavyweight technology under the skin.


A large 10.4” high resolution capacitive touchscreen displays 12 parameters so that vital vehicle data is available at a glance and with a battery that offers 5 hours run time between charges, the mega macs 56 won’t let you down during complex repairs.


The mega macs 56 has onboard data for more than 40,000 vehicle models, it’s PassThru® ready and an optional ‘measurements package’, comprising of a 2 channel oscilloscope and multimeter, further extends its capability*.

Repair Plus

For the first time on a mid-range diagnostic tool, the mega macs 56 offers full access** to our real-time repair concept, Repair Plus – a powerful system that provides direct access to the Hella Gutmann Solutions technical database, allowing vehicle data and detailed repair instructions to be downloaded to the device.


When further help is required, at the touch of a button the technician can request support from the technical team at our Global HQ and upload vehicle data directly from the device for immediate expert analysis.

Key features

✓ 10.4” high resolution display

✓ 2 channel oscilloscope* and multimeter with graphical display

✓ ADAS software included

✓ Access to Repair Plus**


* Available as an optional accessory

** Available with the HGS Repair Plus service package