CSC-Tool Digital

Perfect camera calibration

With the CSC-Tool Digital of Hella Gutmann you can save not only space but also time in your workshop thanks to the digital calibration reference panels together with the short-throw projector and their purchase through the app.

Everything at a glance

✓ The digital reference panels are available much quicker.
✓ New vehicle models can be calibrated sooner.
✓ There is less space required less logistics effort for handling the panels.
✓ The image transfer via projector creates far less reflection than is the case with the alternative screen technology.
✓ The easy way of selecting the reference panels via remote control is practical and time saving: In the case of Honda for example, three different reference panels are required.


Product data sheet - CSC-Tool Digital

CSC-Tool goes digital…

With the CSC-Tool Digital Hella Gutmann provides an alternative, which is as exact as that but clearly space-saving: The large-sized calibration reference panels for front cameras are provided by Hella Gutmann in digital form and projected onto the screen of the CSC-Tool in the workshop using the appropriate short-throw projector.


This offers a second – for many workshops even greater advantage: The digital reference panels are available much faster. New vehicle models can be calibrated sooner. Die digital reference panels can be obtained conveniently from the App Store of Apple TV via the CSC-Tool Digital App.


The user can choose between different purchase options such as time-limited use or annual flat rate. The purchase of individual reference panels is also possible. The digital targets are transmitted to the projector via the Apple TV which is included in the delivery contents and fixed to the upper edge of the projection screen. The required reference panels are controlled and selected via remote control.


The alignment of the digital reference panel to the vehicle's thrust line (rear axle) is as usually realized with the wheel clamp SE with line lasers and the mirrors at the CSC-Tool Digital. Height adjustment and distance measurement is done quite more elegantly: The distance measurement supported by the app is done with a new, special wheel clamp module in combination with a new laser distance meter which is attached on the cross member. The actual values can be read directly on the screen. Two electromechanically adjustable lifting columns enable to vary the screen height at the push of a button.


The large-scale reference panels for front cameras are provided digitally by Hella Gutmann and projected in the workshop onto the projection screen of the CSC-Tool Digital via a short-throw projector.


In this way it is ensured that we keep the original size of the reference panels and hence we can work in compliance with OEM specifications.


✓ The actual calibration procedure is done as usually in combination with the mega macs diagnostic device


✓ All the other calibrations such as of the front radar, laser scanner (LiDAR) and surround vision systems are realized as with the CSC-Tool SE