Car vacuum pumps

Until recently, the majority of brake boosters used the vacuum generated by the internal combustion engine’s intake section. With new engine technologies (e.g. hybrid vehicles, downsizing) or in specific operating conditions (e.g. during the cold start/warm-up phase, driving at extreme altitudes or when using the air-conditioning system), the vacuum produced by the engine is no longer sufficient. Electric vacuum pumps are used to ensure the reliable operation of the brake booster. 


Thanks to its many years of OE competency and global presence in the market, HELLA has been one of the leading suppliers for many years.


The HELLA electronics range encompasses four different types of vacuum pump for every application. Our portfolio ranges from compact pumps through to high-power pumps, depending on the required vacuum performance.


  • Reduce energy requirements thanks to on-demand pump operation
  • Help reduce CO2 emissions
  • Independent of combustion engine technology
  • Maintenance-free (dry running and self-lubrication require no connection to the oil circuit)
  • Electrically-powered vacuum pumps facilitate a flexible vehicle platform concept
  • Optimized housing


Vehicle-specific spare parts

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Vehicle-specific spare parts

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