Catalytic converters and SCR kits – Easy2Fit®

Easy2Fit® catalytic converters benefit from the OE expertise of Faurecia, a world leader in exhaust systems.


They are made of high quality substrates with precious metals that allow maximum performance in converting harmful gases into harmless gases. Faurecia's Service catalytic converters also ensure an optimum gas flow and counter-pressure. All Faurecia Service catalytic converters are approved in accordance with the standards that apply to them.


Easy2Fit® catalytic converters are supplied with the accessories required for installation.


  •  Easy to assemble: Pieces with a length of 60 cm to a maximum of 120 cm can easily be handled by one person
  • All-in-one kit: Including installation accessories (e.g. clamp, silent blocks, etc.) and installation instructions
  • High-quality monolith for best emission reduction performance
  • Homologated in accordance with EURO emission standards for a clean environment and mobility
  • The gas aftertreatment system benefits from Faurecia's OE expertise


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Vehicle-specific spare parts

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By supplying the exhaust system kits in several components instead of a complete system, it is fitted to the vehicle by a single person in no time at all.

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