Testing and adjustment solutions

Testing and adjustment solutions

The seamless complement to all tasks | Adjustment of camera and sensor-based driver assistance systems, components for setting up wheel alignment stations, reliable devices for headlamp adjustments or battery checks – our valuable range of testing and adjustment solutions fills gaps in the range of services offered by independent workshops.

ADAS calibration

Professional and safe camera and radar calibration at manufacturer level for all modern assistance systems. Ideal for workshops with a high number of brands.

  • A well thought-out modular system for all important brands
  • Can also be used without a wheel alignment system
  • Simple, fast and field-tested operation

CSC-Tool Digital

With the CSC-Tool Digital, Hella Gutmann now offers an alternative that is by no means less sensitive, but saves a lot more space.

  • Digital targets are available faster
  • New vehicle models can be calibrated sooner
  • The boards' hardware requires less space and less logistics effort

CSC-Tool Mobile

Designed for mobile technicians and smaller workshops, the CSC-Tool Mobile offers the same capabilities and accuracy as the CSC-Tool SE, in a compact and portable package.

  • Enables mobile technicians and smaller workshops to offer ADAS calibration
  • Compatible with the systems used by most vehicle makes
  • Calibrates ADAS to vehicle manufacturer accuracy
Wheel alignment

Wheel alignment

The additional kit expands the CSC-Tool SE's scope of performance to include various wheel alignment options

  • Extends the scope of services of the CSC-Tool SE
  • A wide range of wheel alignment options
  • Does not require a levelled workshop floor or lifting platform
The SEG headlamp adjustment series

The SEG headlamp adjustment series

Safety and reliability have the highest priority in the light test. With devices from the SEG series, workshops are always on the safe side.

  • Headlamp testing in accordance with the latest legal standards
  • Testing and adjusting state-of-the-art headlamp systems
  • Quick and easy operation

Battery chargers

The battery is the most common cause of vehicle issues. We supply a strong range of high-quality battery chargers for every requirement.

  • For gel/wet AGM and LiFeP04 batteries
  • With charging, recovery and supply function
  • Robust, proven in practice and durable

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