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Product description

Colorvation is a unique, comprehensive and easy-to-implement vehicle repainting programme that brings all the advantages of digital colour technology. Developed by AkzoNobel Vehicle Refinishes, it is based on the advances made by state-of-the-art digital colour matching tools:


  • Automatchic Vision for colour measurement
  • MIXIT to obtain the colour.


Colorvation makes it easy for bodyshops to access digital colour at a cost comparable to that of traditional colour procurement tools. By assisting throughout the process, it allows any changes to be made easily and at a pace that best suits the circumstances.

Integral Colour System

Product description

ICS is simply the world's fastest and easiest to use colour search tool. This revolutionary, easy-to-use, cloud-based system provides immediate access to AkzoNobel's unrivalled colour database.


It contains data for more than two million standard colours and variants. The information is updated in real time as new ICS vehicle colours are released, it also keeps a complete record of the mixes made in previous repairs. All data is instantly accessible via PC, tablet or mobile phone. When a colour formula is adjusted, the change is automatically saved in your mixing log.


Automatchic Vision

Product description

Automatchic Vision is a unique Wi-Fi connected, compact, portable and easy-to-use digital colour measurement tool.


With this spectrophotometer, fast and accurate colour measurements can be made directly from bodywork panels and parts. The data is automatically loaded into the computer for analysis and exact colour generation. This process is three times faster than traditional methods and with a high search accuracy.


As a distribution specialist, HELLA offers the following services to support its Customers to develop their business:


  • Wide range of technical courses in its Technical Training Workshop.
  • Commercial courses for distributors to promote the SONNE painting process.
  • Technical support on the market via our technical specialists.
  • Commercial support for our customers to advise them on SONNE distribution.
  • Colour hotline.
  • Marketing support to achieve greater awareness of the SONNE brand and the distribution network.


HELLA Paint Division: HELLA has had a specialised bodywork painting division for over 30 years to provide its customers with the ultimate service. This division comprises a commercial, technical and product team with extensive experience in the world of automotive repainting.


SONNE – HELLA's own paint brand – has a new model of intelligent paint scales from METTER TOLEDO, PaintPerfect.


  • In addition to the ability to create formulas, the scales have other integrated applications, such as calculation by factor or formula-free mixtures.
  • It can store up to 30 formulas that can be easily retrieved and processed.


This solution features an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, helping to increase productivity and reduce processing time. It also features a large touchscreen that enhances the display of mixing information and alerts, effortlessly managing formulas and eliminating potential errors.


Another feature is the design, which allows for flexible component placement to optimise ergonomic positioning. In addition, the display can be mounted on a column, wall or desk, or connected directly to the PC with the mixing software, thus saving installation costs.


It features flexible connectivity, easily upgrading the USB communication port to Ethernet, allowing for seamless data transfer.


One of its strengths is that the formulas can be stored directly on the scales, freeing up computer space and allowing the entire process to be managed from the workstation itself, which clearly reduces formula errors.


PaintPerfect aims to optimise the work in the bodyshop and improve productivity – always with HELLA expertise.



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