Wheel alignment

The additional kit expands the CSC-Tool SE's scope of performance to include various wheel alignment options.

Wheel Alignment Kit from Hella Gutmann - product image

Everything on track with the Wheel Alignment Kit

As a further level of expansion, Hella Gutmann offers various wheel alignment options with the Wheel Alignment Kit in conjunction with the CSC-Tool SE. With this expansion, a quick measurement of toe, tracking, toe-out on turns, camber, caster, spread, steering wheel centre position and axle lean is possible. A levelled workshop floor or lifting platform are not required.

The design of the CSC-Tool SE was based on practical experience, customer requests and new requirements for a wider range of applications, such as calibrations of radar sensors that are positioned particularly high or low and of the laser scanner. Reflective mirror protection has also been integrated into the horizontal adjustment bar and pre-adjusted even more precisely. This technical amendment is a prerequisite for the CSC-Tool SE to interact with the Wheel Alignment Kit so that the rear axle toe can be checked prior to calibration.

With the new equipment, the workshop receives the result faster, in comparison to inspections carried out using the wheel sensor control. Once the vehicle is positioned in front of the CSC-Tool SE, the wheel sensors are positioned on the wheels of the rear axle using laser heads and plug-in scales. The reflection of the vertical green laser lines – a Hella Gutmann speciality – by the mirrors of the CSC-Tool SE and their impact on the related plug-in scales provide decisive facts. Hella Gutmann makes the manufacturer-specific tolerated left-right deviations available online.

Downloads suitable for wheel alignment

Wheel Alignment Kit - wheel alignment and suspension adjustment

Quick amortisation thanks to extra benefits

The Wheel Alignment Kit enables workshops to expand their range of services to include 'wheel alignment' and 'chassis adjustment', enabling them to generate additional revenue.

The kit is based on the tried-and-tested method patented by the Koch company and enables the determination of tracking, toe-out on turns, camber, caster, spread, driving axle angle and toe-in turns. All measurements can be performed very quickly. Tracking and camber in even less than ten minutes, including set-up time. A lifting platform or a levelled workshop floor is not required for pure measurement.

More advantages

  • All vehicle types can be measured quickly and reliably with one system
  • All axle measurements within 10 minutes, including set-up time
  • Inclinometer for measuring camber, caster and spread
  • Easy mounting on all wheels
  • Rim size up to 22" with standard wheel sensors, optional adapter up to 24" available
  • 360° rotatable line laser module
  • Runout compensation possible
  • Excellent value for money guarantees rapid amortisation

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