mega compaa HG4

mega compaa HG4

For the entire range of services related to the exhaust emissions test (AU) | The workshop concept of the future is made for all-rounders who want to offer all work on the vehicle from a single source. Because those who can do everything are seen as more competent and increase their sales volume.

Exhaust emission measurements for the AU and more

Exhaust emission measurements for the AU and more

With the mega compaa HG4, you perform the AU efficiently – and benefit from it even further. Because the quick and easy measurement of CO, HC, CO2 and O2 also helps you to reliably identify engine and combustion problems. Real added value for everyday work in the workshop!

The basic version of the mega compaa HG4 is suitable for exhaust emission measurements on petrol engines. It is completed by two additional devices to easily and efficiently measure diesel aggregates: the diesel opacimeter HG4-DMK (up to Euro 5/V) and the particle counter HG4-PCK, with which you can easily and efficiently carry out exhaust emission measurements on Euro 6/VI diesel vehicles.

With the mega compaa HG4 and its add-ons, you are absolutely on the right track and ideally positioned for performing AUs in the future.

Our solutions for exhaust emission measurements - today and tomorrow

mega compaa HG4 - the basic version

mega compaa HG4

The basic unit with proven petrol measurement technology forms the basis for any exhaust emission measurement.

HG4-PCK - for the diesel AU as of Euro 6/VI


The new particle counter is fully compatible with the mega compaa HG4 and operates according to the DC principle.

HG4-DMK - opacimeter for diesel vehicles up to Euro 5/V


The tried-and-tested HG4-DMK is used for diesel vehicles up to Euro 5/V.

Professional package - simply start with it all

Professional package

If you want to offer an all-round service, you are well prepared for all exhaust customers with one of the professional packages.

Continue AU business into the future

From 2023* onwards, the particulate concentration must be measured on diesel vehicles with compression ignition engines from emission class Euro 6/VI. This new measurement procedure replaces the opacity measurement previously carried out for these vehicles as part of the main inspection (HU)/exhaust emissions test (AU).

* expected implementation in the first half of 2023

Economical, precise and especially for motorbikes

The mega compaa HG4 fulfils all the exhaust emissions test requirements from current legislation, in a device variant that is specially tailored to the motorbike professional. The mega compaa HG4 Bike impresses with its intuitive operation and latest technology. All motorbike exhaust emissions tests (AUK) are carried out reliably, quickly and conveniently.

The mega compaa HG4 Bike comes with a special, practical exhaust probe for motorbikes: it can handle even the hottest exhaust!

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