The digital assistant | Save up to 20% working time per inspection ✓ OE-compliant, digital inspection plans & service data available directly at the vehicle ✓ 95% coverage of all vehicle models ✓ Automatic transfer to digital OE service booklet


macsDIA – inspection procedures from your jacket pocket

With the digital service assistant macsDIA, Hella Gutmann offers a software solution to provide you with everything you need to perform service and manufacturer-compliant inspections on the vehicle. macsDIA operates on all common smartphones, tablets and PCs and it has impressive functions, such as direct access to OE-compliant inspection plans, notes and data (e.g. installation location, filling quantity, tightening torque or tyre specification) and automatic entries in the digital OE service booklet.

Order the digital service assistant now and optionally add the OE upload:

Download order form here

One order form per workshop site and macsDIA licence.
Please ensure that the correct workshop email address is used as the user name for macsDIA.

For the function "Entry in the digital service booklet", we need the following documents from you:

  • Copy of the official photo ID of the trader
  • Copy of the trade licence for the workshop site
  • Authorisation to enter the OE uploads

Download OE upload authorisation

Manufacturer overview

Alfa Romeo | Audi | Austin
Chevrolet | Chrysler | Citroen | Cupra
Dacia | Daewoo | Daihatsu | Danbil | Dodge | DS
Fiat | Ford | Ford US | FSO
Honda | Hyundai
Isuzu | Iveco
Jaguar | Jeep
Lada | Lancia | Land Rover | Lexus | MAN | Mazda | Mercedes | MG | MINI | Mitsubishi
Peugeot | Polda / Polski Fiat | Pontiac | Porsche
Renault | Rover
Saab | Seat | Skoda | Smart | SsangYong | Subaru | Suzuki
Talbot | Tesla | Toyota | Trabant
Volkswagen | Volvo | Wartburg

Step by step to OE-compliant inspection

  • Select vehicle and inspection plan
  • Display service plan and start inspection
  • Order spare parts directly from macsDIA
  • Completed inspection automatically transferred to the OE service booklet
Test macsDIA now 30 days free of charge!

Test macsDIA now 30 days free of charge!

  • Put macsDIA through its paces in your workshop for 30 days
  • The trial period of 30 days is not associated with any costs or obligations for you
  • You decide whether you want to use macsDIA for a fee after the test phase

Link to your everyday workshop work

The digital service assistant can be made even more beneficial by integrating the macsDIA into a cloud-based workshop management system. This forms a complete integrated workflow, starting with customer contact, booking appointments, recording work, ordering parts in the system, right through to invoicing and handing the back to the customer.

If you would like to know more about the integration into your Dealer Management System (DMS), please contact us by e-mail.

  • Werbas -
  • Bücher EDV - SKF
  • Limex - repdoc, ATP (being prepared)
  • PRM Software AG - TyrePro
  • TOPMOTIVE - KfzWIN - integration as basic function in all KfzWIN derivatives (KfzWIN basic, STAkis-Profi, WM-WARENWIRTSCHAFT, CARwis, Birner Palme Werkstatt, Neimcke Profi, etc.)
  • drivelog - catalogue system
  • N4 - catalogue system

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