Service solutions from Hella Gutmann

Service solutions

Our service solutions give you direct access to Hella Gutmann's huge amount of diagnostic and repair data or bring your digital assistant directly to the workshop for service and inspection work.

HGS Data

Filling quantities, service times, installation and removal instructions, torque – HGS Data offers you all this and much more. Everything is clearly arranged, meaning you will find everything you need for your everyday work on different makes and models.

  • The absolute latest technical data
  • Many practical tips and tricks
  • Inspection plans for all major makes


macsDia allows you to carry out manufacturer-compliant inspections with all the necessary information and instructions. And you can do all that from anywhere and using a browser on your smartphone, mobile, PC, laptop or tablet.

  • Save up to 20 per cent in working time per inspection
  • Inspection plans, service data & instructions available digitally and directly at the vehicle
  • Extremely easy to transfer inspection data into the digital service booklet at the manufacturer

macsRemote Services

With macsRemote Services, Hella Gutmann enables selected measures to be carried out remotely.

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