Blind spot assistant

In busy city centre traffic or on long tiring journeys on motorways, when changing lanes it is easy to overlook another road user. This is because not all areas beside and behind the vehicle are made visible to the driver by the interior or side mirror. The area that is not directly visible is colloquially and commonly referred to as the "blind spot". Today modern vehicles are equipped as standard with an electronic driver assistance system so as to solve such a problem for the driver and at the same time to ensure a higher level of safety on the road.


With the HELLA Blind Spot Assistant, it is now possible to retrofit this driver assistance system to older vehicle models with plastic bumpers.


The HELLA Blind Spot Assistant monitors the traffic situation in the poorly visible close-range area behind and next to the vehicle by means of radar sensors mounted in the rear bumper. Two displays, one positioned on the left and one on the right of the A-pillars, serve as warning indicators for the driver. When the vehicle is overtaken by another vehicle, the display on the relevant side lights up permanently as soon as the approaching vehicle is detected by the radar sensors. The display light goes out as soon as the overtaking process is completed. If the driver overlooks this warning when changing lanes or overtaking, an additional warning tone will sound as soon as the direction indicator is activated. Then rhythmically in tune with the warning tone, the display flashes at the same time and with the same intervals. In this way, the driver is warned early on and can abort the lane change in good time so as to avoid a potentially dangerous situation.


The scope of delivery of the HELLA Blind Spot Assistant 8XX 358 142-951 includes the control unit, wiring harness, installation template, two 79Ghz radar sensors with mounting material and detailed installation instructions. The configured wiring harness with connector contacts links all components and can be routed and connected to the vehicle electrical system in most vehicles without much installation work becoming involved. The radar sensors are glued to the inside of the plastic bumper with the enclosed fasteners. The displays can be attached to the A-pillars without drilling having to be carried out.


  • Retrofittable blind spot assistant for cars and vans with plastic bumpers
  • Monitoring of traffic in the close-range area behind and next to the vehicle by means of 79Ghz radar sensors
  • The system enables a safe lane change in high traffic volumes
  • Visual and acoustic warning in dangerous situations via two displays
  • Installation made easy by enclosed mounting material

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