Hella Limited set to enter the UK braking market

HELLA successfully acquired the 50 percent shares held by TMD Friction in the joint venture Hella Pagid at the end of 31 December 2023. The purchase agreement was signed by both parties on 22 December 2023, making HELLA the sole shareholder.​

Initially, brake products will continue to be sold under the HELLA PAGID brand (with the exception of UK) and then transferred to the firmly-established HELLA brand from 1 October 2024, when HELLA UK will also enter the market. The high quality of the products, extensive range and efficient services will of course remain in place or be continuously expanded.

In the future, HELLA will integrate its leading expertise in brake electronics, such as OE expertise in brake pedal sensors (Brake-by-Wire) and the extensive IAM range of ABS sensors and brake boosters, with the range of wear parts for brakes and hydraulics, thus offering a comprehensive brake solution.​

The high quality standards that have been associated with the name HELLA for 125 years will of course remain the same. This means that all legal requirements, such as the ECE R-90 which apply in the EU, are met or even exceeded. HELLA will also offer brake spare parts on the independent automotive aftermarket as quickly as possible (fast-to-market). Data management services and technical support for workshops will also be further expanded.

The part numbers will remain unchanged from 1 October 2024. The packaging design has been further developed but still retains its recognisable design, so essentially remains the same. This means that, when it comes to brakes, HELLA is, and will, remain the reliable partner to the trade and the workshop's friend.