Substances Of Concern
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Substances Of Concern in Hella

Here you are able to search for substance of very high concern in HELLA products

The prevention of hazardous substances is a top priority in the development, manufacture, use and recycling of our products.

Therefore, in accordance with this requirement, HELLA supports in particular the objectives underlying the European Chemicals Regulation REACH (Regulation (EC) 1907/2006 - Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals). The regulation, which went into effect on 1st of July 2007, is to ensure the protection of human health and the environment against the hazards posed by chemical substances.

Substances, which meet the criteria of Article 57 of the REACH Regulation (Substance of Very High Concern – SVHC), have been included in the REACH candidate list and may be present above 0.1 weight percent in individual components (REACH definition: “article”) in our products.

An overview of all substances currently included in the REACH candidate list is published on the homepage of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA): Candidate List of substances of very high concern for Authorisation - ECHA (
In accordance with the information obligation laid down in Article 33 of the REACH Regulation, we like to inform you on this website about the above-mentioned substances on the REACH candidate list in our products.

The statements are given to the best of our knowledge, based on the information from our supply chain.

Please note that nearly all of our products, from all product groups, contain the substance Lead (CAS no. 7439-92-1, EC no. 231-100-4), even if this is not explicitly mentioned in the product specific search result.

You are able to review the SVHC content of products purchased or used by you by typing in the respective HELLA part number. Please note that the part number format is XXX.XXX-XX (for example 123.456-78). For a better understanding how to find and input the HELLA part number, please see the two example pictures: