Corporate values

At Hella, professionalism and teamwork are part of our DNA

We strive to offer the perfect union of performance-oriented professionalism and teamwork. At HELLA, we believe that this approach is key to helping our company achieve healthy and successful long-term growth, along with an authentic awareness of values and superior performance.  

Our corporate culture is rooted in seven basic values: entrepreneurial spirit, teamwork, sustainability, focus on performance, innovation, integrity, and exemplary conduct on the part of all concerned. These values shape our quest to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers, suppliers, business partners and shareholders, day in and day out.  

There’s only one way to reach this ultimate goal – together, as a family-owned company with a stable group of shareholders and visionary executive management. Our corporate guidelines focus on the long term and sustainability, not on short-term success and mere shareholder value. And we have one more critical asset: employees who share our understanding of team spirit, solidarity, professionalism and mutual success.

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HELLA corporate values
Company values

Professionalism and teamwork are cornerstones of HELLA's DNA. Find out more about our company values.

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