Corporate citizenship

HELLA – giving back to society

Here at HELLA, we know that as a sought-after employer, we have a special responsibility to give back to society. We do so in a variety of ways, focusing especially on efforts to support education in general and science in particular. Examples include our work with the Hueck Foundation, partnerships with universities and research institutes, and the scholar-ships we sponsor for outstanding students. Our sales locations and plants also support a number of local social projects and initiatives aimed at local communities.

We also know that a company is only as good as its employees, so we earmark special funding to support our employees’ growth and continuing development. Helping our employees achieve optimum work-life balance is just one important part of our full-spectrum approach to personal and professional development. HELLA is committed to offering all employees a work environment that fosters their development and gives them a chance to shine.


The Hueck Foundation

The Hueck Foundation (Dr. Arnold Hueck-Stiftung) was founded in 1999 to mark the company’s centennial anniversary. Until his death, Dr. Arnold Hueck (1922–1989) acted as the personally liable managing partner of HELLA as well as the Eduard Hueck company (founded in 1814), based in the town of Lüdenscheid, and he managed all of the business activities of the Hueck family of shareholders. The foundation focuses in particular on providing funding to support science and research, education and training, art and culture, assistance to children, youth and older adults, environmental conservation and historical preservation initiatives, and various charities.

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