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As an innovative family business, we are committed to manage resources responsibly. "Ensuring Sustainability" is one of the HELLA corporate values. It formulates the expectation for each one of our employees to contribute to the protection of the environment. For us, environmental protection is more than just compliance with legal regulations; it is an integral part of our corporate culture and a key responsibility in line with our operational management. We therefore strive to continuously optimize our products, technologies and processes to increase our environmental performance.

Our products and technologies prove this every day. Through environmentally friendly design, we ensure that energy efficiency, recycling requirements and material restrictions are considered in the product development process. HELLA has a broad range of product solutions which contribute to making traffic safer, more efficient and with lower emissions. For example, HELLA products support the electrification of drives and CO2 savings across all stages. Intelligent battery sensors enable start-stop functions, for example, while HELLA battery management systems ensure the safe and reliable functioning of lithium-ion batteries for hybrid and electric vehicles.

By offering high-performance assistance systems and components, HELLA contributes to increasing safety in road traffic. High-resolution LED headlights, for example, enable safety functions such as the advanced glare-free high beam or light-based lane markings.

HELLA actively contributes to environmental protection not only through innovative product solutions, but above all by maintaining high environmental standards in development and production. These standards are precisely defined in guidelines and certification specifications and apply to our locations worldwide. In this context, all HELLA production sites are certified according to the ISO 14001 environmental management system. In addition, we strive to continuously exploit new potential for environmental protection.

We agree with our suppliers on compliance with general environmental standards, bans on particularly environmentally harmful substances and declaration requirements. This makes it easier for developers to select materials and guarantees the conformity of our products.

We publish further information on significant sustainability aspects in the non-financial statement in the current HELLA Annual Report.

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