HELLA stands for quality

Top quality is our highest priority and the benchmark for everything we do. Our ultimate goal is to achieve zero failures. This high expectation is derived from our awareness of our responsibility to our customers, suppliers and employees. To achieve this goal we have introduced an integrated Total Quality Management (TQM) concept, which is known as Strategic Quality (SQ) within HELLA and is based on quality standards recognized all over the world. It encompasses all of the tools laid out in the Six Sigma management strategy and has been developed continuously since 1991.  

In order to provide our customers with consistent high quality in every aspect, we incorporate quality planning into all our processes right from the start using carefully selected methods to fine-tune the details at every stage of both product development and the production process. Following the start of production, series quality is assured through accompanying quality monitoring and inspections. One key factor in these activities is our employees in depth knowledge and quality consciousness, which we keep on highest technology level by providing extensive training and professional development activities.  

Our Corporate Management System is based on the guidelines and goals laid out in our Strategic Quality (SQ) corporate philosophy in alignment with definitions set out in the ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016 standards and additional customer specific requirements. Combined with the larger number of successful audits of HELLA performed by domestic and foreign automakers, this approach has provided solid evidence of the superior quality we deliver along with the proof that our processes are appropriately structured, planned put in place, and monitored. External benchmarking studies comparing HELLA with all of our important competitors also illustrate our leading position in terms of both development standards and quality performance, meaning how our Corporate Management System performs in practice.

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