Where we come from
Where we come from

Long-term corporate success

We are convinced that we live and breathe the values and actions of our company developed every single day throughout our history and that they will have a lasting influence on our present and future.

Our own claim to be an innovative, forward-looking company and at the same time a fair, supportive employer stems not only from our long company history of over 120 years, but also from our solidarity with the people at the respective locations. It is only thanks to all of our colleagues that our ideas become products that are built into current vehicles and that set trends for future driving.

How it all started

How it all started

In 1899, Sally Windmüller founded the Westfälische Metall Industrie AG company in Lippstadt and initially produced lanterns for carriages and bicycles. He quickly recognized the signs of the times and developed the first headlamps for the upcoming automobile. The Hueck industrial family from Lüdenscheid took over the company in the 1920s and expanded the production of headlamps and rear lights.

At the beginning of the economic miracle years in Germany, HELLA began to set up international locations and also started to produce electronic products such as indicator relays. The strong growth in electronic components in vehicles since 1990 has made us one of the market leaders in certain product segments of automotive electronics, such as accelerator pedal sensors and radar sensors.

As a strong partner of the automotive industry, HELLA is and always has been a driver for innovative products, such as xenon or LED headlamps. Start-stop technologies in vehicles work thanks to intelligent battery sensors from HELLA. In addition, we founded joint venture companies such as HBPO and BHTC in order to open up new markets, and to intelligently bundle subject areas.


In addition to the development of electronic and lighting products for passenger cars, HELLA also transferred its expertise gained in this field over to the field of special applications for trucks, agricultural vehicles and even ships. The sale of spare parts was bundled together into the aftermarket business, and today include a broad product range and diagnostic expertise for independent workshops.
In 2014, HELLA becomes a listed family business; the family holds more than 60 percent of the shares and the majority in the shareholders' committee. With more than 40,000 employees at 125 locations in 35 countries, we are one of the top 40 automotive suppliers worldwide, and remain at the cutting edge with new innovations surrounding the megatrends of electrification, autonomous driving and intelligent lighting.

What distinguishes Lippstadt

What distinguishes Lippstadt

Our company headquarters in Lippstadt is centrally located between Dortmund, Bielefeld and Paderborn in the heart of Westphalia. With over 70,000 inhabitants, Lippstadt is the largest city in the Soest district. The historical city centre in particular, with its picturesque half-timbered houses, attractive shops and small paths and alleys, characterizes the special atmosphere of the city.

LIPPSTADT is leisure time.

LIPPSTADT is leisure time.

Lippstadt never stands still: In addition to numerous bars, restaurants and cafés, events such as the autumn week, the Old Town Festival and the feast weeks are held regularly. In addition, Lippstadt offers an attractive and varied range of sports: from canoeing to bouldering - Lippstadt leaves nothing to be desired for indoor and outdoor sports fans alike. The Sauerland region and the Möhnesee lake are also close by, and offer relaxation while hiking, sailing or skiing.

LIPPSTADT is nature

LIPPSTADT is nature.

A large number of green areas and squares, and in particular the parks around the river Lippe, shape the city. The people of Lippe can meander through the verdant "Grünen Winkel" area right into the center of the town. But also Lippstadt's surroundings offer numerous possibilities for leisure and relaxation: Enjoy the sunset at bathing lakes and reservoirs, or go for a walk in nearby health resorts at graduation towers - just two of the many possibilities the region has to offer.

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