100% new calipers, no core


Hella Pagid Brake Systems recently expanded our Caliper product offering by 78 SKUs, covering 9.5 million vehicle applications in the US and 2.7 million in Canada. Hella Pagid brake calipers are known for their high quality, durability, and performance. These calipers are designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern vehicles, providing reliable braking performance and safety. Hella Pagid brake calipers are engineered with precision and undergo thorough testing to ensure they meet or exceed industry standards. Our product safety standards are consistently high and among some of the most demanding in the industry.  While we offer both cast iron and aluminum Calipers, our focus has been on growing the number of lighter aluminum brake calipers which help to reduce fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions.​



The main features are:​

  • Cast iron calipers receive a premium surface treatment to help extend component life.​
  • Premium Accessories: grease + kits with guide bolts & rubber parts​
  • Salt spray testing on every production run: Calipers, Pistons, and Guide Pins​
  • Over 95% equipped with accessories required for vehicle specific brake systems: No separate accessories needed.​
  • Continuous new releases covering the most popular applications​


You can find more information about our brake calipers in our brochure.


HELLA's MyPartFinder - Your Parts Catalog

Thanks to the portal's optimized user interface, MyPartFinder enables customers to identify brake parts, such as disc brake pads, brake discs, calipers and even ABS sensors, from the HELLA PAGID range in a targeted and intuitive manner.


MyPartFinder utilizes the latest Aces and Pies Data for the North American Vehicle Aftermarket to make your application searches accurate and efficient:

  • Vehicle search
  • Category search
  • OE Cross-references to HELLA PAGID Part
  • Aftermarket Cross-references to HELLA PAGID Part

Material safety data sheets

According to REACH regulation 1907/2006 from December 18, 2006, this site contains the relevant safety data sheet for your HELLA PAGID product.
The data sheets are updated whenever changes are made.

Material safety data sheets

The HELLA PAGID BrakeGuide app

The HELLA PAGID BrakeGuide app enables a quick and safe spare parts identification and provides user-friendly search functions. Items can now be looked up using the Hella Pagid article number, Pagid short code, OE number, competitor number or KBA number and all this can also be done while you are out and about. It is furthermore possible to use the vehicle or expert searches.

Technical product information

In this database, you will find technical information about our products and certain vehicle systems -- prepared by experienced technicians and mechanics.

Technical product information