Opel Vivaro

Uncontrolled illumination of the ABS Service- Stop warning light while driving

If the above defect is noticed, the cause may be a faulty windshield wiper motor.

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Universal Lighting

Customised Light Design!

The great variety of shapes and various combination options paired with a technically optimised product design: the universal, modularly conceived HELLA Shapeline light series is a true innovation in vehicle lighting.

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Ford Explorer

Noise development

With the above vehicles annoying, whistling or/and humming noises may be heard from the vehicle rear end. This only affects vehicles with a second evaporator (rear evaporator).

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VW Sharan

ESP lamp lights up

If the ESP warning lamp lights up sporadically or permanently in the above vehicles, this may be caused by a faulty lateral acceleration sensor.

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Citroen C5

Irregular engine running

If a customer complains about the above problem, this could be caused by the crankshaft sensor. Defective pins of the two-pin connector may cause the problems listed below.

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Headlight adjustment

Useful information and handy tips relating to the adjustment of vehicle headlamps

On this page find out what requirements must be met for the correct headlamp adjustment, and how both classic and modern lighting systems can be tested.

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Mercedes Benz

Engine power loss

On vehicles with OM 629 engines, the possibility exists that there is a loss of engine power. The reason for this may be an electrical interruption in the crankshaft sensor.

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Volkswagen Golf 4

Motor dies shortly after starting

The above vehicles can experience the engine dying shortly after it has started. This could be caused by a malfunction of the immobiliser.

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Alfa Romeo Model 147

Engine will not start

If a customer complains about the above problem, this could be caused by a defective crankshaft sensor. The vehicle cannot be started sporadically, irrespective of whether the engine is warm or cold.

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Ford Galaxy

Airbag SRS – Hazard warning lamp lights up

If the SRS hazard warning lamp lights up during driving in the above vehicles, one possible cause may be a wrong adjustment of the brake pedal switch.

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VW Golf 6 Plus

Poor acceleration performance

If the defect described above occurs together with the listed error codes, a possible cause may be a defective plug connection of the accelerator pedal sensor.

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Volvo V60

Vehicle has no power

If the fault symptoms described above occur together with error code P0299, a possible cause may be a faulty charge air radiator hose.

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Volkswagen Golf VI

Functional defect of cabin fan during low outside temperatures

Should the vehicles mentioned above experience a defect of the cabin fan, the possible cause might be frozen water inside the fan enclosure.

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Audi A4/A5/A6/A7/Q5/Q7/TT

Loss of power in heating/air-conditioning systems

Should the vehicles mentioned above experience a loss of heating and/or air-conditioning power, water entry into the wiring harness may be the cause.

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Mercedes Benz G-Class

Poor braking function of rear-wheel brake

If the problem mentioned above is detected, this may be due to a torn rear axle brake caliper. In worst case scenario, the rear-wheel brake might fail.

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Adaptive Cruise Control

Adjusting ACC sensor

Here you will find useful knowledge and important tips regarding the topic of Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and/or automatic ACC distance control as well as the calibration of ACC radar sensors.

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Overview of driver assistance systems

Useful information on driver assistance systems - in glossary format

The following overview, appearing in alphabetical order, lists the most common driver assistance systems including short descriptions for each one.

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Audi Q5

Noise from air-conditioning line

The vehicles mentioned above may experience clattering noise coming from the engine compartment. If this happens, special attention should be paid to the lines of the air-conditioning system.

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Ford Galaxy and S-Max

Failure of front headlamps

On the vehicles mentioned above, customers have complained that the front headlamps fail while driving. The reason for this problem is faulty software for the headlamp module.

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BMW 7 Series E 65/66

Front and rear axle brake system squeals when applying light braking force

If the above fault occurs, it may be associated with the brake lining wear indicator.

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Citroen C5/C6/C8/Crosser

Starting behaviour and engine performance are inadequate, and the engine control light comes on

In this case, the fuel filter may be clogged. The cause may be the formation of a muddy mass due to the use of fuel additive Eolys 176.

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High-Carbon Brake Discs

Ahead of the curve

Our product range has been expanded to include high-carbon brake discs – an impressive addition that will ensure our recipe for success is upholded.

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