Overview of driver assistance systems

This is where you can find useful information on driver assistance systems - in glossary format

Although driver assistance systems are available in the most diverse forms and functional depths, they all have two things in common: They make driving a car safer and more comfortable. The following overview, appearing in alphabetical order, lists the most common driver assistance systems including short descriptions for each one.

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Checking, replacing and training

A step-by-step explanation on the diagnosis of a faulty actuator including instructions on how to replace it and also how to train the new actuator. In the video we show you all the individual steps right up to the final functional test.

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Workshop + music = a perfect duo! Look how workshop heroes work.

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Lexus GS300/GS350

Condensation drain

On the above vehicles, a blocked condensation drain in the air-conditioning system can lead to an ingress of water in the vehicle interior.

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Subaru Trezia

Accumulation of oil in charge-air cooler

The regeneration process for the particle filter can cause engine oil from the crankcase breather and/or the turbocharger to accumulate in the charge-air cooler.

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Repair note for brake caliper

Teves floating-type caliper series FN

Since this kind of floating-type caliper brakes are installed in many modern vehicle models, these repair notes can also be applied to other vehicle models with identical brake calipers.

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Opel Corsa D

Interior blower not working

If the interior blower fails in one of the vehicles listed above, this may be caused by a faulty plug connection on the series resistor.

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Brake calliper with integrated handbrake mechanism

Assembly note for replacement brake callipers

Handbrake callipers are usually set or adjusted so that the distance between the brake lining and the brake disc is at least (X) + 1 mm. If this distance is not correct, it must be mechanically adjusted.

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Citroen Xsara Picasso

Failure of the function of the left headlight

In case of complaints about the failure of the function of the left headlight on the above mentioned models, the cause may be a damaged / faulty wiring harness in the area of the audio unit.

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Damper weights on the brake caliper

General information, Task, Assembly instructions

When a moving vehicle brakes, oscillations occur at the brake caliper. These oscillations generate vibrations, which can lead to unpleasant breaking noises.

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Jeep Compass

Daytime running light dims on the wrong side

When the direction indicator is activated on the vehicles mentioned above, customers have complained that the daytime running light dims or switches off on the opposite side.

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Opel Zafira B

Steering angle sensor cannot be calibrated

If the steering angle sensor cannot be calibrated with the diagnostics device in the above vehicle, the following procedure may be successful. 

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Intake manifold pressure sensor

With integrated intake air temperature sensor

The intake manifold pressure sensor measures the intake manifold vacuum that exists in the intake manifold after the throttle. The measured values of the intake manifold pressure sensor and the intake air temperature sensor are required to calculate the intake air mass. 

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Peugeot 307 HDI

Poor acceleration performance; Noise in the vicinity of the splash wall

If the vehicle listed above demonstrates poor acceleration performance in conjunction with flapping noises in the vicinity of the splash wall, this may be caused by a defective intake manifold.

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BMW 3 series; Z4; X3

Engine control light is on; Vehicle starts up poorly

If one or more of the above-mentioned defects are reported for these vehicle models in conjunction with various error codes regarding the adjustable camshaft (VANOS), this may be due to a sticking or stiff magnetic valve of the VANOS system.

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Maintenance information for brake caliper

Pushing the brake pistons back

In order to perform repairs on a brake system properly, the mechanic requires the correct tool. Before new brake pads are installed, the brake pistons in the brake caliper must be pushed back.

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ABS sensor

ABS sensor and wheel speed sensor in vehicles

Among other things, this page explains the differences between active and passive wheel speed sensors as well as their functional principle.

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EGR radiators

Diagnosis information regarding faulty EGR radiators

If the coolant is leaking, the cause could be a defective EGR radiator. This video explains and demonstrates how the functioning of the EGR radiator can be checked.

MINI R50/52/53

Loss of coolant

When coolant loss occurs in the above vehicles, a defective coolant hose in the area of the alternator might be the cause.

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Basic information and important tips relating to ignition coils in vehicles

On this page you can find out how ignition coils work and which designs are used in the latest generation of vehicles, for example. You will also find a wealth of practical tips for diagnostics and checks on ignition coils.

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Know-how and useful tips surrounding the topic of two-piece brake discs in cars

Ever since the disc brake system was introduced to cars, the brake disc has been a significant structural component in automotive manufacturing.

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Air-conditioning system not working

Should the air-conditioning system and/or compressor not function properly in the above vehicles, a defect/fault in the area of the outside temperature sensor might be the cause.

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Brake calipers without core charge processing

The brake caliper portfolio from brake specialists Hella Pagid have been proven in use and established on the market for a long time. The product range is now being expanded by 112 new brake calipers for the independent aftermarket. The special feature: The new products are handled completely without core charge processing.

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Loss of power / Whistling noises / Engine warning light illuminates

Should a loss of power occur in the above vehicles, an insufficiently fastened hose on the intercooler might be the cause.

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MINI R50/52/53

Intermittent failure of air-conditioning system

The air-conditioning / heater system control units may occasionally fail in the above vehicles. Inadequate ground connection can be the possible cause here.

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Vehicle-specific diagnostic and repair information relating to a variety of fault symptoms.

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