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When you opt for Hella Gutmann Solutions, rapid, practical help is never more than a click or a call away. Our technical support department has more than 60 qualified experts on all automotive brands ready to assist you with straightforward advice. After concluding the relevant licensing agreement, you as the customer benefit from support with troubleshooting, technical data, installation aids, spare parts information, and much more. We provide your extra man power – without the extra costs.


✓ Rapid, personal assistance
✓ No hidden extra charges
✓ Winner of several surveys

Exemplary service

Some 15 years ago, the technical call centre of Hella Gutmann Solutions was the first of its kind and employed just 9 people. It has now grown into one of the largest support centres for workshops. Working in 10 different languages over 5 days a week, our teams handle more than 2,000 cases every week to ensure that things run smoothly in automotive workshops. We help you with vehicle diagnostics and troubleshooting with the mega macs, we help when interpreting data, we supply technical vehicle data and information on spare parts, and we provide assistance should you ever have to deal with a rarer vehicle model.

Free tips from practice

Cars sometimes do funny things. Sometimes these make you laugh, and sometimes they make you despair. Whatever your issue is, we can always provide a technical explanation to assist you. For many years now we have been collating unusual cases and the corresponding solutions. This expertise has been added to one of the largest databases in the world, and our customers benefit from it every day. You can download some of these repair tips from our website free of charge.

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"Hella Gutmann's technical call center is really quite something... when we reach our limits, we play our call centre trump card. The experts in Ihringen are experienced specialists in specific brands..."


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