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At HELLA, headlamps were the very first thing we made - and they have stayed a core part of our identity throughout our growth. Along with halogen headlamps, a basic conventional technology, our product portfolio grew to include xenon headlamps over 20 years ago, and just recently we also added LED systems, the very latest in lighting technology. In the xenon headlamp segment, HELLA supplies both static and dynamic systems including dynamic bend lighting and AFS (Adaptive Frontlighting System) functions. When combined with a camera, our headlamp systems even allow automatic adaptation to specific driving situations based on data collected from the vehicle’s environment. HELLA headlamps also offer a variety of attractive design options for customized vehicle designs. With their vast technical expertise, our designers can even work directly with customers, participating in the design phase during the development of innovative lighting solutions.


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Liquid Crystal HD Technology New Headlamp Dimension: Liquid Crystal HD Technology Enables Fully Adaptive Light Distribution in Real Time
Liquid Crystal Display technology

Integration of a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) in an LED headlamp opens up new paths for automotive lighting technology

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