Damper weights on the brake caliper | HELLA PAGID

General information

When a moving vehicle brakes, oscillations occur at the brake caliper. These oscillations generate vibrations, which can lead to unpleasant breaking noises. In order to dampen (eliminate) these unwanted oscillations, additional weights are attached to the component in question. These weights are known as damper weights.


An additional damper weight mounted on the brake caliper increases the overall mass of the component, thus lowering its resonant frequency. Depending on the configuration and position of the weight, it can be used for either targeted noise reduction or complete noise elimination.

The design of the weight may vary depending on the vehicle manufacturer and the brake system.


  • Fiat Punto rear axle ( Fig. 1)
  • Opel Astra rear axle (Fig. 2)

Assembly instructions

Damper weights installed in the factory by the vehicle manufacturer

must be re-mounted on the new component if the brake caliper is replaced. Damaged damper weights must be replaced, and should never be removed without subsequent replacement.

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