HELLA Shapeline – Design your light!

The modular Shapeline single-function and multi-function light series from HELLA.

In the world of caravaning, vehicle lighting is expected to meet several requirements. As well as providing an excellent degree of functionality, such lighting has to be very easily recognizable for other road users. But it also has to be particularly resistant to impact, knocks and other environmental influences, which often occur in the camping and caravaning world. However, lamp design is also an important factor in the equation. As this makes up a central element in the design of a vehicle, it automatically becomes an expression of the vehicle's individuality. It is the unique face of the vehicle.

The new Shapeline single and multi-function lamp series from HELLA covers all these needs and demands – and therefore lends itself ideally for use in caravans and motorhomes. Thanks to the excellent partnership of appealing, flexible lamp design and highly functional technology, this modular series offers its users virtually limitless possibilities when it comes to design ideas. This freedom is even more enhanced by the variety of different lamp styles and shapes that can all be combined any which way you like! Two design styles, the classically linear concept of the Shapeline Tech design and the sweeping dynamic curves of Shapeline Style, ensure that the flexibility factor becomes even greater!

But it is not only the design potential of the Shapeline lamps that is so amazing but also their technological prowess and the sheer diversity of their functions. The modular product range includes a wide selection of various lighting functions, which can all be individually combined with each other. Which means that in the field of caravan lighting almost every single kind of requirement can be met.

Manufacturers of smaller series, who previously had not been able to enjoy the perks of individual lamp design because of financial restrictions, are the ones who can now really enjoy giving all their vehicle models a consistent yet nevertheless unique light signature. And all thanks to the possibilities provided by the HELLA Shapeline series.

Our easy-to-use online configuration tool turns you into a lighting designer and enables you to test all the various lamp constellations.


Functions: Position light, reflex reflector, side marker light, direction indicator, clearance light, tail-stop light, tail-stop-direction indicator, backup light, rear fog light, warning light

Operating temperature: - 40 °C to + 60 °C

Reverse polarity protection in place

Operating voltage: Multi-voltage 9-32 V

Type test: ECE/SAE/EMV

EMV class: 5

Protection class: IP 6K9K

Integrated short circuit protection in place
Refer to our brochure for extensive technical information with detailed information on the specifications of the individual modules.

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