Creating a video in the HELLA light tunnel


The keypoints in short

  • Film footage of the Adria "Supersonic" series motorhome was shot in and around the HELLA light tunnel
  • The HELLA light tunnel with a length of 140 m and a width of 11 m provided the appropriate film backdrop
  • The result: an impressive video in which the front and rear lighting was put through its paces


A motorhome takes centre stage in the HELLA light tunnel

The model "Supersonic", which is part of the luxury motorhome range from Adria, was the undisputed film star during the shoot in our light tunnel in Lippstadt. In addition to countless photo shoots and the setting up of some video scenes for the motorhome manufacturer, we also created our own video for HELLA, which we are allowed to release with the kind permission of Adria.


Apart from the film shoot, which is described at length in our news article "HELLA light tunnel turns into a film set", HELLA has also created its own video recording, which impressively reflects the possibilities opened up by the HELLA light tunnel. For example, special night-time lighting situations were recreated where the vehicle's lighting could be put through its paces.


The front lighting, consisting of the new, modular LEDayFlex III lighting system and also of the L 4565 Bi-LED low beam and high beam headlamp Performance, was particularly effective in the darkness of the light tunnel. Consequently, the various lighting functions - low beam, high beam, position light and direction indicator - were able to be tested. Furthermore, the customised rear lamps of the ADRIA motorhome were filmed, lamps which, because of their special "ruby red" light colour, also created a special effect in the dark surroundings.

Equipment in the light tunnel

The video shows some of the technology available in the light tunnel, for example the roller-like apparatus on which a wide variety of HELLA lamps are mounted and which can then be used as required.


In addition, so as to check the light setting, the "headlamp leveller" was used, which displays the relevant message on the setting screen if the lights are not set correctly. In our case, the light setting was correct.

Video recordings by a professional

The video shoot was carried out by a professional, our partner from Lippstadt. Please find the result here:

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