Direction indicator, cat. 5, SHAPELINE

Turn safely: The direction indicator category 5 from the HELLA Shapeline series has a direction indicator failure control. If the direction indicator function on the vehicle fails, the driver is informed. This is a regulation according to ECE-R48, which also applies to LED lamps. HELLA implements this requirement through an integrated self-diagnostic on the LEDs’ printed circuit board, whereby an electrical pulse is transmitted to the vehicle cockpit in the event of a functional failure. Thus, in addition to the attractive and modern direction indicator design, safety is also ensured. The direction indicator can be supplemented with other light functions from the Shapeline product range, integrating optimally into a customized yet consistent appearance.

Product Advantages

  • Direction indicator failure control (ISO 13207)
  • The variety of shapes and light functions of the Shapeline lamp series ensure great design freedom
  • Innovative technology and high HELLA quality characterize these lamps
  • The robust Shapeline lamps are suitable for a wide range of applications and vehicles

Technical Data

Operating voltage

Multi-voltage (9-32 V)

Rated voltage

12 V / 24 V

Power consumption Depending on variant
Light source LED
Temperature range -40 °C to +60 °C
Protection class IP 6K7, IP X9K
Type approval ECE

Program Overview

Design Variant Connection Part number
Tech Horizontal 500 mm cable with open cable end 2BM 013 336-00
Style Left 500 mm cable with open cable end 2BM 013 338-01
Style Right 500 mm cable with open cable end 2BM 013 338-02