Rain-light sensors for vehicles with steeply raked windscreens

Comfortable and reliable: HELLA rain-light sensors (RLS) have already been impressing with their quality and functionality for many years. The rain-light sensor for vehicles with steeply sloped windscreens (windscreen incline of 80° to 90°) has a special optic optimally designed for vehicles such as trucks, buses, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, or motorhomes – as their requirements differ from vehicles with flat windscreens.


Thanks to the total reflection principle and advanced algorithms, the rain sensor is used to detect various rain situations and automatically control the front windscreen wipers. The light sensor has two separate diodes for detecting ambient and front light. It controls when the low beam is switched on or off, such as in the dark or driving through a tunnel. The light switching characteristic is stable and independent of the direction of travel due to the specially designed optics.


The current version of the HELLA rain-light sensor has a further optimized design and impresses with its compact construction, which allows it to be used even under cramped installation conditions.

Product Advantages

  • The fourth generation in a long line of rain sensors by HELLA
  • Optics specially designed for vehicles with steep windscreens e.g. trucks, buses, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, and motorhomes
  • Dual function: Rain and light detection (ambient detection and tunnel detection)
  • Optimized design – extremely compact package space

Technical Data

Operating temperature -40 °C to +85 °C
Storage temperature -40 °C to +100 °C
Protection class IP 50
Operating voltage 9 – 16 V
Rated voltage 12 V
Overvoltage 24 V
Rated current consumption < 50 mA
Communication interface LIN 2.1
Weight ≤ 42 g

Program Overview

Variant Functions Part number Packaging unit
Rain-light sensors for vehicles with steeply raked windscreens Rain, light measurement On request -