Outstanding lighting performance with headlamp modules from HELLA

The 4565 Bi-LED low beam and high beam headlamps Essential and Performance

Whether it’s near or far away: the new L 4565 Bi-LED low beam and high beam headlamps Essential and Performance provide excellent illumination. Both low beam for close range and also high beam for long range are produced with just the one headlamp. The innovative modules are the successors to the successful first and second generation Bi-LED low beam and high beam headlamps and are part of the similarly successful HELLA 90 mm module series.


The keypoints in short

  • First-class low beam and high beam with just one headlamp
  • Design freedom thanks to the proven modular system
  • Available in two versions: L4565 Essential and Performance


Optimum close-range and long-range vision with just one headlamp

In the dark and in poor visibility conditions, there is hardly any component that is as important for the person behind the wheel as the headlamp. In heavy traffic, the low beam ensures safety. And on the open road, the high beam helps to see things like animals on the road or any other dangers and obstacles from a good distance. The L 4565 Bi-LED low beam and high beam headlamps Essential and Performance combine these two light functions in one powerful module.


These headlamps are a further development of the first generation (L 70) and second generation (L 5570) Bi-LED low beam and high beam headlamps. They are part of the proven 90 mm HELLA modular series and can therefore be used just as flexibly as the other headlamps in this series – the modular construction means they offer maximum design freedom.

Two variants for high and the very highest demands

The L 4565 Bi-LED low and high beam headlamps are available in two variants: Essential and Performance. The Essential variant is suitable for many different applications, while the Performance variant has been specially developed to deliver outstanding light output even under particularly difficult conditions. For this purpose it has been equipped with four additional, bright LEDs and further developed lighting electronics.


The Performance variant is also particularly easy to mount thanks to its "Zero Tolerance Integration". Unlike other lamps, the front part of the module is firmly embedded into the vehicle apron and then not moved at all. The flat cover lens ends flush with the front of the vehicle, turning it into a design element. This means that both the basic setting and the headlamp levelling are adjusted via the rear part of the module, which is not visible from the outside.


Both variants of the L 4565 Bi-LED low and high beam headlamps have a robust die-cast aluminium housing, which was developed for use in construction machinery. As a result, the modules withstand all kinds of vibrations, shocks and impacts to which they are exposed in the course of a vehicle's life. Thanks to the design in accordance with protection class IP 67, they can withstand severe stress and strain and even brief submersion under water without any problems. The modules are also ECE and SAE approved. Connection is carried out using a DEUTSCH connector.

LED technology for minimum consumption and maximum lifetime

The L 4565 Bi-LED low and high beam headlamps are equipped with powerful LEDs whose light colour of 5,500 K, which is similar to daylight, prevents eye fatigue. This increases driving comfort considerably. The lamps function at temperatures between - 40°C and +60°C and have built-in polarity reversal protection, which ensures that the LEDs are not damaged even in the event of faulty contacts. They are characterised by high energy efficiency and have a particularly long lifetime thanks to their integrated thermal management.

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