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Repulse & Repulse Pro reversing lights

Die neuen extrem breit strahlenden LED-Rückfahrscheinwerfer Repulse und Repulse Pro von HELLA
Die modulare Hybrid Trailer Heckleuchte von HELLA im Anwendungsbeispiel
Strichzeichnung der LED-Rückfahrscheinwerfer Repulse und Repulse Pro von HELLA
The new Repulse and Repulse Pro LED reversing lights – developed for use as an auxiliary reversing function – are exceptionally well suited for caravaning applications.
The very compact design of the headlamps, in conjunction with several different mounting options, ensures a high level of flexibility when it comes to installation.
The special, extremely wide light dispersion effectively eliminates unlit areas behind and next to the vehicle.
The light color measures 5,900 Kelvin and is therefore very similar to natural daylight.
The headlamps have been thoroughly tested according to HELLA standard 67101 and meet the highest requirements in terms of weatherproofing and mechanical loads. They are also compatible with high-pressure cleaners and steam jets (IP 6K9K).
The HELLA Repulse and Repulse Pro LED reversing lights combine a very slim design with broad light coverage and high energy efficiency. They are therefore also ideal as an auxiliary reversing function in caravaning applications.
The extremely wide light distribution means that the rear and sides of the vehicle are very well illuminated. This, in turn, makes complex maneuvering that much easier. The light color, which is close to that of natural daylight, improves perceptibility, thus effectively combatting fatigued eyes. Additional gains are also made in safety and comfort as a result.
The combination of innovative LED technology, highly efficient electronics and optimized thermal management minimizes energy consumption while greatly extending service life. The LEDs employed are almost entirely maintenance free: Changing bulbs is therefore a thing of the past. Simply "fit and forget".
The ultra-high flexibility is enabled by multivolt technology: The headlamps can therefore be used in 12 V as well as 24 V operating environments.
The HELLA name is synonymous with meeting the most demanding of quality requirements. State-of-the-art production techniques and ongoing quality management in all process steps are therefore also utilized for Repulse and Repulse Pro.

Type approval:

  • ECE
  • GGVS/ADR: Only full LED 2VP 340 960- ...


  • Tail light, stop light: 7 red LEDs
  • Direction indicator: 7 yellow LEDs
  • Back-up light: 6 white LEDs
  • Rear fog light: 7 red LEDs

Dimensions (L x W x H): 450 x 138 x 93.6 mm
Specification: HELLA standard 67101, class 5.1 Trailer
Current consumption at 24 V:

  • Tail light: 10 W = 0.42 A
  • Stop lamp: 13 W = 0.54 A
  • Direction indicator: 3 W = 0.13 A
  • Back-up light: 2.5 W = 0.10 A
  • Rear fog light: 2.5 W = 0.10 A
  • Clearance lamp: 1.2 W = 0.05 A
  • Side marker reflex reflector light: 1 W = 0.04 A

Operating temperature: -40 °C – approx. +50 °C
IP protection class:

  • for the lamp IP 5K4K
  • for the LED modules IP 6K9K
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