LED circular module
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LED circular module

LED circular module

Rotes LED-Ringmodul in innovativer LED-Edge-Light-Technologie, von HELLA
Klares LED-Ringmodul in innovativer LED-Edge-Light-Technologie, von HELLA
Strichzeichnung LED-Ringmoduls, von HELLA
The HELLA LED circular module with 112 mm diameter is a combination tail light and stop light that utilizes LED edge light technology.
This model is the direct successor to the previous 009 362 series, which can therefore be easily replaced with the new module. Unlike the previous product with semi-circular stop light illumination, the LED circular module has a circumferential light function.
The module can be ideally combined with the HELLA 009 001 series. In this way, hybrid and full LED lamps can be realized.
Available variants include clear and red lenses in 12 V and 24 design configurations. These can be supplemented by chromed and silver design rings, which are available as optional accessories.
Built-in polarity reversal protection means that the lamp does not suffer any damage if the contact to the pole is accidentally reversed.
The circular module tested according to HELLA standard 67101 has IP 6K9K protection and is therefore resistant to pressure washers. A high level of vibration resistance ensures safe, smooth operation, even under harsh conditions.
Innovative LED edge light technology and a homogeneous appearance of the tail light and stop light function: These are the highly notable characteristics of the new HELLA LED circular module. The circumferential light functions ensure an unforgettable visual impression.
The further developed circular module, however, offers many other benefits: Compatibility with the HELLA 009 001 lamp series ensures that the hybrid and full LED lamps can be combined "like a glove".
The convenient 1:1 exchange option with the previous 009 362 series also makes it particularly easy to convert over to the new LED edge light technology.
The highly efficient LED technology, which is used to realize the tail light and stop light permanent light functions, has a long service life, low energy consumption and very efficient operation.
Different variants with red and clear lenses as well as optional silver and chromed design rings provide for a high level of design freedom.
The circular module, which is available for 12 V and 24 V operating environments, is also very well suited to caravaning applications.
It goes without saying that the latest technologies are implemented in this product as well as the highest quality standards maintained for it -- after all, that's what the HELLA name stands for.

Operating voltage: 12 V and 24 V
Type approval ECE: E24 7R-025889
Functions: Tail light / stop light with 30 red LEDs
Power consumption:

  • Tail light: 12 V: 0.2 W/0.02 A; 24 V: 0.75 W/0.03 A
  • Stop light: 12 V: 3.5 W/0.29 A; 24 V: 3.8 W/0.16 A

Polarity reversal protection: Yes
Specification: HELLA standard 67101, class 7.2 Agro
Lamp dimensions: Diameter 112.3 x 48.9 mm
Operating temperature: -40 °C to + 50 °C
IP protection class: IP 6K9K
Attachment: Using three PT4 screws and an adapter ring
Electrical connection: 250 mm line with 3-pole AMP Superseal connector

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