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Battery maintenance

For acid, EFB, AGM, and gel batteries.

Full control over your battery management

When cars are stranded or don't want to start, the cause of the problem can increasingly be found in the battery. Complex electronic systems, automatic start-stop systems, and high thermal loads all affect the sensitive battery components. Nowadays, the expensive process of replacing the battery because you suspect there to be a problem is virtually a thing of the past. With the BPC tool, you quickly and reliably gain an overview of your vehicle battery's condition without needing to remove it.


✓ For acid, EFB, AGM, and gel batteries
✓ Easy to use without the need to remove the battery
✓ Obtain reliable information on the battery condition at the touch of a button

The perfect team

In addition to the voltage, current, and charge condition, the BPC tool also shows you the cold-start test current. And if your workshop is equipped with a mega macs 66, things get even easier for you as the BPC tool and diagnostic unit communicate with one another via Bluetooth. All reference values for the selected vehicle are sent to the BPC tool so you know the score at all times. All read-out data and measurement reports can then be conveniently presented on the large mega macs display, saved for specific customers, and processed as reports.