mega macs 56

Super-fast diagnostics in compact format.

The young gun

The mega macs 56 is not only extremely compact, but also agile and efficient when it comes to vehicle communication and interpreting fault codes. This all-rounder is equipped with an extra-fast processor and provides the option to retrofit a high-performance measurement technology module with an extremely precise multimeter. Diagnostics, measurement technology and Repair Plus, in combination with mega macs 56, will turn you into a master of diagnostics.


✓ Extra-fast diagnostics and troubleshooting
✓ Latest measurement technology
✓ Compact and light for mobile use


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The upper class in the diagnostics compact class

Modern vehicles are becoming increasingly complicated due to the growing number, and complexity, of high-tech electronic components. Without quick vehicle identification, reliable fault diagnostics, an extensive supply of data and components, or professional support, a simple repair can quickly turn into a relentless cost trap, as long times spent searching for the root cause cannot always be invoiced to the customer retrospectively.


mega macs 56 is the lightweight and reliable answer, providing you with real-time solution proposals for read-out fault codes. Also available upon request with optional high-quality, highly sensitive measurement technology with a range of expanded functions.

Display Capacitive 10.4" (1024x768 XGA), no touch stylus required, easier to use since less pressure is required on the display
Main board Linux operating system, 800 Mhz ARM-CPU,
Interfaces USB (device & host), WLAN, Bluetooth®
1x slot for multimeter module, 1x reserve slot (for future upgrades)
Battery PAll-in-one module, runtime up to 5 hours, integrated charge controller for battery diagnostics
Docking station For quick battery charging
Dimensions 310 mm x 265 mm x 100 mm (L x W x H)
Weight of mega macs 56 2,200 g including battery and modules
Weight of VCI module 80 g
Outdoor range Max. 50 m
Indoor range 3–10 m
Range of operation 0 – 45 °C, recommended: 10 – 35 °C
Battery charging voltage 12.5–8 V
Supply voltage 10–15 V
mega macs 56 including battery pack
VCI (wireless communication module)
Power supply and mains cable
Bluetooth® adapter (wireless communication with the PC)
USB cable (device & host)
Quick guide
Lanyard keychain
Transport carton
Docking station
OBD cable extension
Measurement technology module including cable accessories
Battery (single) for mega macs 56
Device case for mega macs 56
Ampere pliers, blue, 0-700 A
Ampere pliers, green, 40 A
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