mega macs X

The innovative diagnostic solution - always individual, always flexible

Future is today – and it fits your demands

The mega macs X is a completely revised product and revolutionizes the methods of operation and communication with the vehicle. The so far most flexible diagnostic solution by Hella Gutmann is technically in the lead and as handy as never before. And the top of the line: It adapts to any workshop size.

Freedom of choice at all levels

As it is the situation with vehicles the dialog with them changes, too. Therefore, Hella Gutmann has been entirely re-thinking the world of data and diagnostics and has developed the mega macs X. As well as the owner of a vehicle you should also be in the position to decide which functional modules and data types you need for multi-brand diagnostics and which hardware you wish to use for that. Maybe one day like this, and the next like this No problem with the mega macs - it's only a question of configuration. By the way, the capability for PassTru and DoIP is already integrated in every mega macs X.


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And the X? Stands for X advantages

The X is hence the indicator for any advantages which every workshop can define and configure individually.


X = cost-effective entry-level
Flexible license system | Software updates included | Bring your own device


X = flexible and easy use
Easy handling | Operation takes place on separate display unit


X = individual configuration of the functionality
Flexible scope of functions and services


X = Fast and semi-automatic initial setup
Plug & Play setup | Guided set-up on the display unit


X = Softtouch housing, designed for a long service life
High-quality material protects against damage | Easy to repair due to double-shell housing

Optional: High and low-voltage measurement module MT-HV

The MT-HV measurement module, which has been extra customized for the mega macs X, has been specially designed for the work on electric and hybrid vehicles. It consists of a firmly integrated high-voltage measuring technology and a module slot, in which you can insert the already existing low-voltage measurement modules MT 56 and MT 77. Thanks to that the MT-HV turns into a wireless measurement module for high-voltage and low-voltage measurements – this is a profitable solution especially if you already have an additional module of a mega macs 56/77. Optionally you can purchase the MT-HV and the MT 77 in one package.

Optional: MT-USB

After having connected the mega macs X via USB cable with the optional measurement module MT-USB, the SDI screen of the operating and displaying device will automatically show the Measurements menu. Provided that you have the corresponding license your diagnostic device is going to turn out a practical two-channel multimeter for voltage measurements up to 60 Volt as well as for current and resistance measurements. Just use the operating device for taking all the necessary settings.

Optional: Hella Gutmann-Tablet

And even if you have never had a tablet in your hands before, you are on the safe side with this package. Thanks to the integrated Setup Wizard the tablet and the mega macs X are connected automatically and you can start working instantly.


Here the software contents of the tablet are limited to the essential functions: The interaction with the mega macs X for diagnostic work and the use of the e-mail function and the web browser. The download of Apps from the Internet to the Hella ­Gutmann Tablet intentionally blocked to ensure fast working of your operating/displaying device in the long run.