A powerful sound, a mighty effect


For more than 120 years, HELLA has been manufacturing high-quality acoustic devices for cars, trucks and other commercial vehicles as well as for motorbikes & scooters using German precision engineering - always in accordance with strict ECE and original equipment manufacturer specifications. The wide product range includes horns, trumpet horns and reverse warning alarms in the volume range 108 dB(A) to 118 dB(A): Their penetrating and far-reaching alarm sound contributes significantly to road safety. By using them, other road users can be made aware of and warned of a dangerous situation at an early stage.


Enjoy your usual benefits: the broad and diverse product range guarantees vehicle coverage in line with the market and the different products are easy to identify.

HELLA’s portfolio of acoustic devices

Get an overview of our product portfolio in the field of horns, trumpet horns and back up alarms now. With our newly structured product range, you will find the right horn or trumpet horn for every requirement. The subdivision of our product range into the areas: HELLA Essential, Performance, Style, OE-Connect, eLong-Life, Heavy Duty, Back-Up Alarms and Compressed Air Horns and the associated color coding helps you find the right product for your customers. Special features of three selected products as well as much more interesting information you will get in this video.


  • The broad and diverse product range
  • High availability
  • "Fit & Forget" solution
  • One of the world's leading brands
  • Quick mounting (trumpet horns with vehicle-specific plug connectors available)
  • Easy to identify thanks to short codes
  • High return thanks to market-oriented pricing
  • Access to product upgrades and innovations

The HELLA product range – overview by sound characteristics & animal icons (tiger, lion & elephant)

Tiger, Lion & Elephant

HELLA's horns and trumpet horns are assigned to one of these three animals depending on their sound and characteristics: Therefore, horns with a lion icon produce an especially clearly perceptible signal, so the large-format horns with blaster performance leave nothing unheard. Our trumpet horns with elephant icon characterise a harmonious sequence of notes – strong, robust and powerful in their sound. The third in the group are our small-format horns. Sleek as a tiger, they have a powerful sound and, above all,  they are effective. On that note:



This means that, for every requirement, our product range has the right horn or trumpet horn matched to the vehicle. The colour coding of the product range shows, at a glance, which vehicle and application the horns and trumpet horns are suitable for. at a glance.

HELLA horns, trumpet horns and reverse warning alarms at a glance: the colour categories

Amber – HELLA standard: The best-selling category for cars – in a completely black design and universally applicable. The price-performance ratio ensures good sound performance at a fair price. The HELLA Standard category includes horns from the Tiger and Elephant range. 
Red – HELLA Performance: As the name suggests, this category is about high performers. It combines premium sound with modern design for cars, so clearly it is the king among the horns and therefore a real lion.
Blue – HELLA Style: The Style category is ideal for car tuning with premium sound quality and enhanced performance. The colour-coated plate and trumpet horns are both tiger and elephant model types.
Grey – HELLA OE-Connect: The vehicle-specific trumpet horns are easy to fit and feature the same OE plug connector design as OEMs. In addition, the HELLA OE-Connect trumpet horns are available in TecDoc with vehicle links.
Green – HELLA eLONG-Life: The green category HELLA eLONG-Life from the Elephant product family is new in the range with electronic design and ultra-long service life. Free three-year guarantee included.
Dark grey – HELLA Heavy Duty: With a long service life and reliable functionality, these plate and trumpet horns from the Tiger and Elephant range are suitable for buses, trucks and other commercial vehicles. They are available for both 12 V and 24 V and impress with proven HELLA quality from the OEM business.
Amber – HELLA compressed air trumpet horns & reverse warning alarms: This category includes compressed air trumpet horns, reverse warning alarms and compressed air horns for trucks and other commercial vehicles, based on different technologies – with high durability and reliability.


Universal parts - spare parts that are not vehicle specific

The universal parts catalogue allows you to search specifically for products that are not vehicle specific, from the areas of Lighting and Electrics/Electronics.

The focus is placed on the following target groups:

  • Trucks,
  • Trailers,
  • Agricultural vehicles/construction equipment and
  • Buses/caravans.
Universal parts catalogue

Vehicle-specific spare parts

Our online catalogue is all about making it easy to find parts. This means that you can, for example, enter the relevant vehicle by using our comprehensive manufacturer list, the type designation or the engine code.

And as an added extra, we provide all key product information, such as

  • part numbers,
  • installation instructions,
  • safety data sheets and
  • OE numbers

all at the same time.

Vehicle-specific spare parts

Library as a means of communication

In this database, you will find marketing documents such as product brochures, brief information links to HELLA websites, apps and tools, and also videos. You can search the database quickly and easily by entering various keywords, e.g. the product name, part number, relevant system or components, or you can simply use the drop-down filters.

Brief information

Technical product information

Technical product information

In this database, you will find technical information about our products and specific vehicle systems – prepared by experienced technicians and mechanics.

Technical product information

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