Ready for e-mobility

Electromobility continues to make progress and is also ever more present in the aftermarket. As a wholesale partner and the workshop's friend, we empower you to successfully master the transformation.

HELLA: Innovative original equipment manufacturer and partner to car manufacturers

Hybrid and electric cars are already a common sight on our roads and they will play an even greater role in the future. As an innovative original equipment manufacturer and partner to car manufacturers, we are playing a decisive role in driving this development forward. In this way, we are significantly helping to make drive solutions more climate neutral. Research and development for new innovations takes place at the original equipment stage and goes into series production. At the same time, we enable our partners in the independent aftermarket to successfully master this transformation.

E-mobility places new demands on the independent aftermarket

Electromobility can no longer be stopped. By 2035, the global stock of electric vehicles relevant to the aftermarket will be 200 million (Deloitte, IHS Markit World View, 2021). Wholesalers and independent workshops therefore have no choice but to embrace e-mobility, and they face major challenges over the course of the transformation. Vehicles with electric drives, for example, require different components, services and support. As a partner to wholesalers and the workshop's friend, and based on our strong original equipment expertise, we also provide comprehensive electromobility solutions for the aftermarket.

Your integral partner for all aspects of electromobility

We transfer our expertise about parts and OE to the independent aftermarket and fully support workshops and wholesalers in the mobility transformation. And this all comes from a single source: from the right spare parts, intelligent diagnostics and calibration options to effective training, product and assembly information. This not only puts us in a unique position, but, most importantly, it helps our partners in the aftermarket to cope with the increasing demands. HELLA simplifies the wholesale business and makes everyday workshop life faster, more profitable and future-proof.

Mobility of the future: HELLA solutions for e-vehicles

Electromobility is increasingly gaining momentum: as an electronics expert with many years of OE expertise in the automotive industry, HELLA is consequently transferring its know-how in the field of e-mobility to the independent parts market, thus supporting its partners during this period of automotive transformation. To this end, HELLA is offering a wide range of components and systems suitable for fully electric vehicles. One such example is the media pump, a core component needed for a faultless thermal management system. Learn more about its important role and its function.

The most important components

At HELLA, workshops and wholesalers will find a wide range of components and systems for fully electric vehicles ("Battery Electric Vehicles" BEV) from these four main groups:


  • Electric drive: Converts electrical energy into mechanical power or propulsion.
  • Energy management: Controls, measures and optimises the energy system's performance.
  • Thermal management: Keeps the temperature of the e-motor, power electronics and other components within an optimal temperature range
  • Charging equipment: Allows the vehicle to be connected to an external power supply to charge the battery


Wholesalers and independent workshops find solutions at HELLA before the problem even occurs. The HELLA product range in the aftermarket already includes over 1500 products for e-mobility, and counting.


In addition to its comprehensive product range for electronics, HELLA offers wholesalers and independent workshops a wide range of products for a variety of applications related to e-mobility, from vehicle-specific lighting to universal products, brake systems, diagnostics and much more. With more to come.

High voltage qualification: Become an expert in electromobility with the HELLA Academy

If its employees do not have the right qualifications, vehicle workshops are not allowed to carry out work on hybrid and electric cars. In selected countries, the HELLA Academy gives independent workshops what they require with an extensive training programme: Workshop employees can take part in practical training courses and webinars to get the qualifications to perform professional and safe work on vehicles with high-voltage systems and their components.


Competently instructed persons: You may carry out general work on the vehicle that does not directly affect the HV system. This includes, for example, body work, oil and wheel changes, work on the conventional brake system near the wheel hub motors, work next to the HV lines on the steering, combustion engine, axles, etc., as well as work on the conventional vehicle electrical system.


Technical qualification for working on high-voltage systems in a de-energised state: With this qualification, specialists can work independently and safely on de-energised high-voltage systems. This includes, for example, work on de-energised HV systems and components or activities in their hazardous area.


Technical qualification for working on live high-voltage systems: Activities in which employees can touch high-voltage components or parts with body parts or tools are considered to be work on live HV systems if it is not ensured that the HV systems are de-energised and an electrical hazard cannot be ruled out. Successfully passing a qualification of this level enables the skilled person to work independently and safely on high-voltage systems. This qualification level is especially aimed at employees of workshops that already have professional HV jobs.

Electromobility in the workshop: Also a question of equipment

Professional high-voltage training for vehicle workshop employees is a basic requirement for working on e-cars and hybrid vehicles. Electric vehicles cannot be maintained or repaired without the right workshop equipment either. Experts estimate the investment costs for setting up a workshop space for this type of work to be in the mid thousands.

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