Safety has top priority

The new variable when adjusting and servicing advanced driver assistance systems

More and more vehicle models are being equipped with modern safety-relevant systems such as distance regulation, lane keeping assist or lane change assist. Independent workshops which are servicing and repairing these vehicles profitably therefore require a reliable and flexible system which covers all the relevant vehicle makes and models. With the basic CSC-Tool Hella Gutmann has established this system – and with the new CSC-Tool SE we have imroved the system even more.


The mobile calibration solution CSC-Tool Mobile opens new opportunities for mobile roadside assistance, vehicle glass repair services, service providers for transport fleets and companies with several associated workshops. The CSC-Tool Mobile offers the same precision as the stationary workshop device.


✓ A sophisticated modular system for all the important brands
✓ It can be used also without axle alignment station
✓ Easy, quick and field-tested operation

Hella-Gutmann - 360° calibration for advanced driver assistance systems

A sophisticated modular system for all the important brands


Numerous enhancements which are made regularly ensure not only the calibration of the most common camera and radar systems in the front, rear and side of the vehicle but also the calibration of complex components such as the innovative laser scanner in the new Audi models. This guarantees maximum safety for your customers on the road.

Supplements for CSC-Tool SE & CSC-Tool Mobile

Precise and easy


The new optional wheel clamp modules for the CSC-Tool are equipped with green line lasers and enable the fast and exact positioning of the CSC-Tool SE in front of the vehicle. Just a few steps are necessary to center the module and to align it parallel to the rear axle.


To calibrate the camera system of a vehicle according to manufacturer's specifications, the CSC-Tool SE and the CSC-Tool Mobile require brand-specific reference panels. These reference panels are available either individually or as sets.

Calibration of rearview camera and all-round vision camera

The complete overview


In combination with the mega macs software the Rear Cam Kits I + II enable the precise calibration of the rearview camera and all-round vision camera systems. These cameras must also be aligned exactly to the vehicle's thrust line (rear axle) according to the manufacturer's specifications. The kits are to be used as supplements to the basic CSC-Tool and include a multipiece reference panel system in frame structure (Rear Cam Kit I - Basic and Addition) and roll-out optical reference panels (Rear Cam Kit II – Side).

Calibration of front and rear sensors

Maximum flexibility


Meanwhile the calibration of the radar system is a mandatory basic precondition for many kinds of work on the vehicle such as accident repairs, changes to the toe or wheel camber or installation of chassis components.


With the Radar Kit I EVO, you can calibrate radar sensors at almost any height. Hence this gives the CSC-Tool SE and the CSC-Tool Mobile the necessary flexibility. The different tilt angles of the new angular adjustment plate "EVO" which are required for the detection of the radar measuring fieldcan be easily adjusted with the star knob.


An essential part is the ingenious system mount which allows continuously variable vertical movement, e.g. of the angular adjustment plate and of the new reference panel for laser scanner calibration on the latest Audi models.


While the Radar Kit II serves for adjusting the radar sensors on Mercedes (radar sensors without mirror system) the radar reflectors of the Radar Kit III serve for adjusting the front and rear radar sensors of further manufacturers such as Honda, Lexus, Mazda and Toyota.


The CSC 4-06 radar reflector makes the product portfolio complete and - depending on the manufacturer - allows for calibrating radar sensors which are installed in the edge of the front and rear bumpers. These sensors are used by systems such as the lane change assist. The Radar Kit III and CSC 4-06 radar reflector are aligned to the Rear Cam Kit I, which is already part of the product portfolio.


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