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Headlamp adjustment for experts

The annual statistics show that every third vehicle in Germany, the homeland of the car, still drives with insufficiently adjusted headlamps. This means that there is a lot of work for workshops to do – and of course, some money to be made. What workshops require is a tool that is optimally aligned with their needs, is easy to operate and delivers reliable results quickly. SEG series beamsetters from Hella Gutmann are made to meet these exact requirements.


✓ Headlamp testing in accordance with the latest legal standards
✓ Inspection and adjustment of the latest headlamp systems
✓ Quick and easy operation


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Safety knows no compromise – SEG doesn't either

From the affordable entry-level model SEG Economy to the digital market leader SEG V, featuring an interface with mega macs diagnostic software with many practical functions, all SEGs deliver one thing above all else – increased safety for your customers. The devices stand out due to their robust design and straightforward operation. Step-by-step instructions and tried-and-tested useful adjustment devices are the fastest way for you to perfectly adjust headlamps. Discover just how reliable the SEG series from Hella Gutmann can be for your workshop and your customers.


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