2024-06-11 Company

125 years of FORVIA HELLA: from a lamp manufacturer in Lippstadt to a global technology leader

  • 11 June 1899: Foundation of the "Westfälische Metall-Industrie Aktien-Gesellschaft" and start of the company's rise to an industrial enterprise
  • Technological strength as a common thread: from the "System Hella" acetylene lamp as the first pioneering innovation to the digital headlamp SSL | HD
  • The electronics business: Launched with the first fully electronic indicator unit in 1965, today a leader in many products for autonomous driving and electromobility
  • Since 2022: company of the FORVIA Group, the seventh largest supplier of automotive technology worldwide

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2024-04-02 Company

MAHLE and FORVIA HELLA successfully complete the sale of their shares in joint venture BHTC

  • MAHLE and FORVIA HELLA successfully transfer their respective 50 percent stakes to AUO Corporation
  • Sale of shares is the result of constructive discussions between the two companies against the background of a change of control clause in the joint venture agreement

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2024-03-15 Company

Fiscal year 2023: FORVIA HELLA increases sales and improves profitability

  • Currency-adjusted sales increase by 12.7 percent to €8.1 billion; operating income margin improves by two percentage points to 6.1 percent; net cash flow in relation to sales at 2.6 percent
  • Company outlook for 2023 reached: adjusted sales, operating income margin and net cash flow in relation to sales within target corridors
  • Lighting with high sales growth and significantly improved profitability; Electronics with good demand for solutions for automated driving and electrification; solid spare parts, workshop and commercial vehicle business
  • Continuation of the established dividend policy: Dividend of €0.71 per share proposed
  • Outlook for 2024: slight improvements in sales, earnings and net cash flow expected in a persistently volatile market environment

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2024-02-16 Company

FORVIA HELLA: Preliminary figures for 2023 and outlook for 2024 published, competitiveness program for Europe announced

  • Currency and portfolio-adjusted sales of € 8.1 billion in fiscal year 2023; operating income margin improves to 6.1 percent; net cash flow to sales ratio of 2.6 percent
  • All Business Groups with higher sales and improved profitability
  • Order intake of around € 11 billion, including for Smart Lights, 77 GHz radar sensors, battery electronics and Smart Car Access systems
  • Cost synergies from cooperation within the FORVIA Group of € 190 million, more than half is attributable to FORVIA HELLA
  • Company outlook for 2024 forecasts slight improvements in a challenging market environment; program to sustainably strengthen competitiveness in Europe

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2024-02-07 Company

Philippe Vienney appointed new Chief Financial Officer of FORVIA HELLA

  • Philippe Vienney takes over CFO role as of 1 March 2024 and, in this function, becomes a member of the Management Board
  • Vienney has many years of management experience in Finance & Controlling, including as CFO of the FORVIA Business Group Clean Mobility

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2023-09-29 Company

Bernard Schäferbarthold will become new HELLA CEO

  • CFO Bernard Schäferbarthold to take over as CEO from 1 January 2024, succeeding Michel Favre
  • Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Ziebart: "Bernard Schäferbarthold has already demonstrated his high level of management expertise on several occasions. At the same time, I would like to thank Michel Favre for his excellent work."

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2023-04-28 Company

HELLA Annual General Meeting 2023 resolves dividend payment of euro 2.88 per share

  • In addition to the regular dividend, the dividend includes the payment of a special dividend after the exit from the HBPO joint venture
  • Annual General Meeting also approves all other agenda items with a large majority

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2022-12-15 Company

HELLA plans to pay a special dividend following the sale of HBPO share

  • Special dividend to be € 2.61 per share
  • Established dividend policy to be continued regarding the regular dividend

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2022-12-12 Company

HELLA successfully completes exit from joint venture HBPO

  • 33.33 percent HBPO share successfully transferred to co-shareholder Plastic Omnium
  • Purchase price at € 290 million, including a dividend of around € 8 million

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2022-11-03 Company

2022 Capital Markets Day: HELLA accelerates profitable growth under FORVIA Power25 plan

  • Significant market outperformance with annual sales growth of more than 10 percent to over €9.4 billion in 2025
  • Substantial increase in operating margin to above 8 percent and net cash flow to around 4 percent of sales in 2025, supported by strong profitable growth in Electronics and a profitability turnaround in Lighting
  • On track for announced FORVIA sales synergies of €300 million to €400 million and cost synergies of over €250 million by 2025, around half of which attributable to HELLA

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2022-08-05 Company

Judith Buss and Andreas Renschler to join HELLA's Shareholder Committee and Supervisory Board as independent members

  • Andreas Renschler is nominated to become Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Judith Buss is nominated to chair the Audit Committee on the board
  • With their election, there would be again three independent members on the Shareholder Committee; on the Supervisory Board, the number of independent members would increase to three
  • These nominations demonstrate the strong independent corporate governance of HELLA

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2022-07-28 Company

Prof Dr Wolfgang Ziebart designated for chairmanship of the HELLA Shareholder Committee

  • Prof Dr Wolfgang Ziebart to be elected to the Shareholder Committee, where he will take over as Chairman from Carl-Peter Forster, who is to step down from his position at the end of September 2022
  • Ziebart has excellent industry expertise as well as extensive management and committee experience, enabling him to actively help continue the HELLA success story from his position on the Shareholder Committee

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2022-07-28 Company

Exit from joint venture: HELLA agrees sale of HELLA held HBPO shares to Plastic Omnium

  • Further milestone reached in sharpening HELLA‘s profile as a technology company with Lighting, Electronics and Lifecycle Solutions at its core
  • Closing expected in the fourth quarter of 2022

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2022-07-20 Company

Preliminary yearly figures: HELLA significantly outperforms global automotive market despite sales decline

  • According to preliminary figures for the fiscal year 2021/2022, currency and portfolio-adjusted sales declined by 2.4% to € 6.2 billion due to lower worldwide vehicle production
  • Adjusted earnings before interest and taxes fell to around € 280 million as a result of consistent investments in future technologies and increasing cost burdens; adjusted EBIT margin at 4.4%

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2022-04-29 Company

HELLA intends to consistently expand and further develop the Business Group Lifecycle Solutions

  • Increasing demand for solutions to extend the lifecycle of vehicles shall be addressed even more through targeted investments in the spare parts and workshop business
  • Regarding the integration and further alignment of the Special Applications activities, various strategic options are currently being examined, including a possible sale

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2022-04-29 Company

Extraordinary General Meeting of HELLA GmbH & Co. KGaA resolves change of fiscal year

  • Fiscal year rhythm to be harmonized with the calendar year as of 1 January 2023
  • A one-off short fiscal year will be inserted from 1 June to 31 December 2022; the current fiscal year 2021/2022 will not be affected by the change and will end as planned on 31 May 2022
  • Adjustment increases comparability with other companies as well as with macroeconomic and industry-specific key figures; reporting effort with Faurecia as the new majority shareholder is also reduced

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2022-04-07 Company

Nine-monthly figures: HELLA showing successful performance in a demanding market environment

  • Currency and portfolio-adjusted sales decline slightly by 0.9 percent to € 4.6 billion over the first nine months of the fiscal year 2021/2022; reported sales increase by 0.2 percent
  • Adjusted earnings before interest and taxes decrease to € 238 million; adjusted EBIT margin is 5.1 percent
  • Automotive sales significantly exceed general market development; successful spare parts business drives Aftermarket sales, workshop business also with sales rise; Special Applications benefiting from continuing strong business for agricultural and construction machinery
  • HELLA confirms the company outlook adjusted at the end of November 2021; great risks and uncertainties arising from war in Ukraine, resource shortages and the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, especially in China

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2022-02-25 Company

Personnel changes in the HELLA Management Board:Michel Favre becomes Chief Executive Officer, Yves Andres takes over the Lighting Business Group

  • As of July 1, 2022, Michel Favre will succeed HELLA Chief Executive Officer Dr. Rolf Breidenbach, who will continue to support the company in an advisory capacity
  • Yves Andres will join the HELLA Management Board on April 15, 2022, where he will take over the management of the Lighting Business Group from Dr. Frank Huber after a transition period
  • Carl-Peter Forster, Chairman of the HELLA Shareholder Committee, thanks the departing members of the Management Board and is pleased to welcome two very experienced executives in Michel Favre and Yves Andres, who will continue the company's successful path

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2022-02-07 Company

Faurecia and HELLA announce the name of the world’s seventh largest automotive supplier: FORVIA

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2022-02-07 Company

HELLA and Faurecia set the course for a joint future

  • Together, Faurecia and HELLA form the seventh largest automotive supplier worldwide and a global market leader in high-growth technology fields
  • Representatives of Faurecia move into HELLA's Shareholder Committee in place of the previous representatives of the Family pool
  • Initial decisions made related to organizational structures
  • HELLA CEO Dr. Rolf Breidenbach will continue to closely support the integration until his resignation end of June 2022 and has accepted to advise the de factor Group beyond that date

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2022-02-04 Company

Dr. Rolf Breidenbach will end his position as Chairman of the HELLA Management Board by mutual agreement at mid-year

  • CEO Dr. Rolf Breidenbach and HELLA Shareholders' Committee have agreed to terminate the current CEO contract by mutual agreement on June 30, 2022
  • "With Faurecia as HELLA's new majority shareholder, the way is now paved for a successful future," says Dr. Breidenbach
  • Chairman of the Shareholders' Committee Carl-Peter Forster praises Breidenbach's achievements for the company over the past 18 years and expresses his utmost gratitude to him
  • Dr. Breidenbach will continue to closely monitor the integration with Faurecia until his departure; it is intended that he will continue to support the de facto group in an advisory capacity beyond this date
  • Decision on successor to be made in a timely manner

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2022-01-31 Company

FAURECIA is new majority shareholder of HELLA

  • Acquisition by FAURECIA was successfully completed
  • Including the 60 percent share package of HELLA pool shareholders, FAURECIA acquires approx. 79.5 percent of HELLA shares in the course of the transaction
  • The transaction creates the seventh largest automotive supplier worldwide and a global market leader in high-growth technology fields

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2022-01-13 Company

HELLA presents half-year results: sales burdened by massive bottlenecks for electronic components, but develops significantly better than the automotive market

  • Currency and portfolio-adjusted consolidated sales fall in the first six months by 2.6 percent to € 3.0 billion (second quarter: -11.9 percent)
  • In the half-year period, adjusted EBIT falls to € 156 million (prior year: € 269 million); adjusted EBIT margin at 5.1 percent compared to 8.7 percent in prior year (second quarter: 4.1 percent)
  • Despite a decline in sales, the Automotive segment posts stronger development than the overall market; strong spare parts and workshop business drive positive development in the Aftermarket segment; Special Applications benefits from positive business for agricultural and construction machinery
  • The forecast for the full fiscal year 2021/2022 was already adjusted on 29 November 2021 due to the business performance to date, the expected lack of market recovery in the second half of the year and increasing cost burdens

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2021-08-14 Company

HELLA and Faurecia agree to combine their businesses: Partnership opens additional growth potential

  • Faurecia acquires the 60 percent stake from the pool shareholders of HELLA and announces tender offer to acquire the remaining HELLA shares for € 60 per share 
  • Combination of the two companies creates 7th largest global automotive supplier and a global market leader in high-growth technology areas
  • HELLA focus areas to continue significant investment in research and development and to retain a high degree of operative responsibility 
  • Management, Shareholders’ Committee and Supervisory Board welcome the transaction

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2021-07-28 Company

HELLA continues to grow more rapidly than the automotive market even in a challenging market environment

  • According to preliminary figures, currency and portfolio-adjusted sales grew by 13.3 percent to € 6.5 billion in fiscal year 2020/2021
  • At € 510 million, adjusted earnings before interest and taxes were more than twice as high as in the prior year; adjusted EBIT margin was 8.0 percent

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2021-07-20 Garages & Services

Cyber Security Management for all mega macs-Users

  • Delay-free diagnostics of secured vehicles 
  • Activations for several vehicle brands currently without additional costs 
  • One single authentication at Hella Gutmann instead of in each OE portal 
  • Applicable instantly without waiting time after registration 
  • Almost 2,000 access unlocks of secured vehicles in a period of six weeks

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2021-02-03 Company

HELLA sells shares in joint venture Mando HELLA Electronics to partner Mando

  • Continuation of active portfolio management 
  • HELLA intends to intensify direct business with South Korean customers and serve them more strongly from its own network on a global basis 
  • Expansion of own activities in South Korea planned

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2021-02-02 Company

HELLA successfully completes sale of activities in the front camera software business

Disposal is based on stringent portfolio management; large investments in automated driving to continue unchanged

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2020-09-29 Company

HELLA sells front camera software business to Volkswagen's Car.Software Org

  • Transaction expected to lead to extraordinary income in the range of approximately € 100 million
  • About half of HELLA Aglaia's employees will transfer to the Car.Software Org of Volkswagen
  • Other business activities of HELLA Aglaia not affected by transaction; role as competence centre for software further strengthened
  • Strict portfolio management continues with sale; HELLA continues to invest in technologies for automated driving

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2020-07-28 Company

HELLA publishes preliminary annual figures as well as outlook and presents a programme to strengthen its competitiveness in the long term

  • Currency and portfolio-adjusted sales decline by 14.3 percent to € 5.8 billion in fiscal year 2019/2020 based on preliminary figures; adjusted EBIT margin comes to 4.0 percent
  • Reported EBIT amounts to minus € 343 million due to non-cash impairments of € 533 million
  • Outlook for the current fiscal year 2020/2021 reflects high market uncertainty and reduced vehicle production
  • Company management decides on a long-term programme for sustainable improvement of competitiveness

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2020-03-18 Company

Business development so far in line with expectations, but adjustment of company outlook necessary due to COVID-19 pandemic

  • On a provisional basis, sales after adjustment for currency and portfolio effects decrease by 3.7 percent in the first nine months of the fiscal year 2019/2020 to € 4.8 billion; adjusted EBIT margin decreased to 7.2 percent
  • Comprehensive set of measures adopted to reduce staff and material costs; short-time work on domestic locations under preparation; further measures expected due to COVID-19 pandemic
  • Adjustment of company outlook for the current fiscal year 2019/2020 necessary due to special market conditions

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2019-11-12 Company

HELLA sells relay business to Hongfa

Automotive supplier aligns electronics business even more strongly in line with the automotive market trends of electric mobility and autonomous driving

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2019-09-27 Company

HELLA Annual General Meeting approves special dividend and elects representatives for Shareholder Committee and Supervisory Board

  • Distribution of a special dividend of € 2.30 per share in addition to a regular dividend of € 1.05 per share resolved
  • Carl-Peter Forster takes over as Chairman of the Shareholder Committee; Klaus Kühn new Chairman of the Supervisory Board

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2019-09-11 Company / Technology & Products

Front of the Car: HELLA and Plastic Omnium work on holistic concepts for the vehicle front

Idea of comprehensive integration of lighting components into the vehicle front presented at IAA 2019

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2019-09-11 Company / Technology & Products

Interior of the future: HELLA and Faurecia show joint demonstration vehicle

Partners show pioneering concepts for the future of vehicle interiors at IAA 2019

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2019-09-11 Company / Technology & Products

HELLA launches next generation of lighting technology on the market

SSL|HD: new highly integrated HD-LED lighting system

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2019-09-10 Company / Technology & Products

Exceed Possibilities: HELLA presents lighting and electronic solutions for future mobility at IAA 2019

  • Innovative Dual Voltage Battery for mild hybrids enables significant CO2 savings
  • New road condition sensor extends sensor portfolio for automated driving scenarios
  • New high-resolution digital headlamp technology opens up a wide range of applications
  • Holistic solutions for the vehicle front and the interior of the future jointly developed with partners

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2019-07-24 Company

Preliminary figures for fiscal year 2018/2019: HELLA achieves annual targets

  • Currency- and portfolio-adjusted sales growth of 5.0 percent; adjusted EBIT increase by 5.9 percent to € 585 million; adjusted EBIT margin improves to 8.4 percent
  • Continuation of established dividend policy; additional payout of special dividend planned
  • Outlook for fiscal year 2019/2020 reflects high uncertainties in the market environment and therefore decreasing sector development

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2019-05-14 Company

Continuity and Change on the HELLA Management Board

  • Management contract of CFO Bernard Schäferbarthold extended until 2024
  • Management board member Dr. Frank Huber takes over management of the business division Lighting
  • Stefan Osterhage retires as planned after many years in the business

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2019-04-11 Company

HELLA confirms its company outlook for the current fiscal year after sales and earnings growth in the third quarter

  • Currency- and portfolio-adjusted sales increase by 6.2% in the first nine months of the current fiscal year 2018/2019; reported consolidated sales increase to € 5.2 billion 
  • Adjusted earnings before interest and taxes improve by 5.6 percent to € 417 million; adjusted EBIT margin is at 8.1 percent 
  • Sales growth in the automotive segment drives group-wide growth; strong workshop equipment business in the aftermarket; Special Applications reports good business development for agricultural machinery, construction vehicles and trailers 
  • Prior company outlook for the current fiscal year 2018/2019 confirmed

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2019-02-19 Company

Capital Markets Day 2019: HELLA presents strategic orientation toward electromobility

  • As a provider of powerful key components and subsystems, HELLA supports the path to clean mobility 
  • Company considers itself well positioned to continue profitable growth path in the long term

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2019-01-21 Technology & Products

Plastic Omnium and HELLA enter into strategic partnership

Cooperation promotes the innovative integration of lighting technologies into the vehicle exterior

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2019-01-11 Company

HELLA increases sales and earnings in a challenging market environment

  • Currency- and portfolio-adjusted sales increase by 7.3% in the first half of the fiscal year; reported sales increase by 2.8% to € 3.6 billion taking into account the effects of exchange rates as well as the divestment of the wholesale distribution business 
  • Adjusted EBIT improves by 5.5 percent to € 302 million; adjusted EBIT margin is 8.6 percent
  • Automotive segment drives group-wide growth; business with workshop equipment supports growth in Aftermarket; Special Applications shows positive development in the business for agricultural and construction vehicles 
  • Continuing positive business development expected for the current fiscal year 2018/2019

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2018-11-21 Company / Technology & Products

HELLA and Faurecia enter into strategic collaboration

Automotive suppliers to partner on interior lighting solutions for the cockpit of the future

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2018-09-14 Company

HELLA opens new electronics plant in Lithuania

  • New location serves rising demand for electronics solutions on European market
  • Creation of up to 250 new jobs during first expansion phase

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2018-09-06 Company

Moody’s upgrades HELLA rating to Baa1 with a stable outlook

  • The improved rating reflects a positive development of key financial indicators
  • The increase also takes into account the leadership of HELLA in the areas of lighting technology and electronics as well as the diversified business model

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2018-08-06 Garages & Services

The Hella Gutmann diagnostic unit mega macs 77 steps up a gear

  • New user interface based on innovative software architecture
  • High-octane, interlinked diagnostics

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2018-08-06 Garages & Services

Digital multifunction glasses bring real-time support to the workplace

  • Exchange of information in hands-off mode
  • Gradual function extension from 2019 onwards

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2018-07-24 Warsztaty & Usługi

Automechanika 2018: systemy termiczne istotnym warunkiem rozwoju elektromobilności

Behr Hella Service prezentuje produkty do pojazdów elektrycznych i hybrydowych

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2018-07-06 Firma

Mekonomen przejmuje dystrybutorów od HELLA

  • Szwedzki dystrybutor przejmuje duńskiego i polskiego dystrybutora
  • HELLA skupia się na segmencie Aftermarket na niezależnym rynku części zamiennych i wyposażeniu warsztatów

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2018-06-14 Warsztaty & Usługi

Behr Hella Service wprowadza kody QR na opakowaniach

Wszystkie informacje o produktach dostępne na smartfonie

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2018-01-30 Technika & Produkty

Koncepcyjne oświetlenie HELLA w nowym Audi A8 wyznacza nowy standard

  • HELLA opracowuje kompleksowy pakiet oświetleniowy dla nowego Audi A8
  • Reflektory Matrix LED i światła drogowe z technologią laserową dla większego bezpieczeństwa
  • Nastrojowe oświetlenie wnętrza i lampki do czytania w technologii Matrix LED
  • Pierwsze produkcyjne zastosowanie dużego rozmiaru OLED w tylnym oświetleniu wraz z różnymi wariantami iluminacji powitalnej

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2018-01-24 Warsztaty & Usługi

Centrum szkoleniowe HELLA Academy

Nowa odsłona centrum szkoleniowego HELLA

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2018-01-19 Warsztaty & Usługi

Konferencja “Innovision 2018”: najnowsze rozwiązania w branży

  • Ponad 800 uczestników z 24 krajów zapoznało się z najnowszymi trendami w branży
  • Premiera najnowszego testera diagnostycznego mega macs 77
  • Otwarcie nowego centrum szkoleń HELLA Academy

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2016-10-12 Firma

HELLA rozszerza działalność e-commerce na rynku aftermarket

  • Akwizycja iParts, polskiego lidera sprzedaży online części samochodowych
  • Dostęp do zaawansowanej platformy e-commerce
  • Dążenie do przyspieszonej ekspansji własnej działalności online

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2016-09-21 Technika & Produkty

Nowe pompy wody do pojazdów użytkowych

Behr Hella Service rozszerza swoją ofertę o ponad 100 pomp wody do pojazdów użytkowych wszystkich popularnych marek

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2016-08-11 Firma

HELLA notuje znaczące wzrosty sprzedaży w zakończonym roku obrotowym 2015/2016

  • Wzrosty sprzedaży Grupy o 8,9 procent do poziomu 6.4 mld euro
  • Skorygowany zysk operacyjny (EBIT) wzrósł o 7,1 procent i osiągnął poziom 476 mln euro
  • Skorygowana marża EBIT - 7.5 procent - pozostaje na poziomie roku ubiegłego
  • Zostanie zaproponowana wypłata dywidendy dla akcjonariuszy 0.77 euro za akcję

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2016-05-06 Firma

HELLA zwiększa zyski i sprzedaż

Koncern HELLA od wielu lat odnotowuje wzrost sprzedaży i zysków. W trwającym roku obrotowym 2015/2016 grupa HELLA zwiększyła przychody o ponad 10% w porównaniu do ubiegłego roku.

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2016-02-29 Warsztaty & Usługi

Od marca dostępny nowy katalog systemów termicznych do samochodów ciężarowych i dostawczych

Nowość: ponad 100 pomp wody do wszystkich popularnych marek samochodów ciężarowych

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2015-03-27 Firma

HELLA zwiększa sprzedaż i zyski

Koncern HELLA jeden z największych dostawców dla branży samochodowej przez 9 miesięcy roku obrotowego 2014/2015 znacząco zwiększył sprzedaż i zyski.

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2015-03-20 Technika & Produkty

Produkty do systemów termicznych Behr Hella Service teraz również do maszyn rolniczych i budowlanych

Nowość w ofercie: części dedykowane do konkretnych modeli pojazdów oraz części uniwersalne do układów chłodzenia silnika i klimatyzacji

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2015-02-16 Technika & Produkty

Poszerzenie oferty produktów w nowym katalogu klimatyzacji 2015/16 firmy Behr Hella Service

Nowa grupa produktów: siłowniki

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2015-02-11 Technika & Produkty

Behr Hella Service zaleca wykonywanie regularnych przeglądów klimatyzacji

Kampania systemów termicznych 2015: efektywne wsparcie sprzedaży i pomoc techniczna dla warsztatów

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