CLAAS presents new tractors of the top-performance category


CLAAS and HELLA have been collaborating with much success for decades. And so the top-performance tractors of the CLAAS XERION 12 Series are naturally equipped with the powerful and efficient lighting solutions from HELLA.


The key points in short



Agricultural machinery from CLAAS is in great demand across the globe 

CLAAS is a leading manufacturer of agricultural equipment at an international level. The family-run business headquartered in the town of Harsewinkel in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia has an international workforce of more than 12,000 employees. In the fiscal year of 2022, the company achieved a turnover of EUR 4.9 billion. CLAAS is the European market leader for combine harvesters and indeed world market leader when it comes to forage harvesters such as the self-propelled field chopper. Furthermore, the company’s product portfolio includes tractors, agricultural balers, grassland harvesting equipment and also cutting-edge agricultural information technologies. 

CLAAS XERION tractors set standards 

The tractors of the new XERION 12 Series from CLAAS are mean machines of the impressive kind. They have been developed for humongous stretches of pastureland as seen on the prairies in the USA but which are also found in Australia and Canada, in South America and in Central Europe. These tractors can, for example, tow extremely wide tillage machinery and seeders or they can be used in front of transport or transfer wagons, which convey harvested crops from the fields to the nearest roadway. 

Since the XERION was introduced more than 25 years ago, the tractors of the superlative performance category have been advancing more and more into new areas of use and making their presence felt in an increasing number of regions in the world. With the 12.590 and 12.650 models, two even more powerful specialists now complete the range. Their highly efficient six-cylinder engines with 585 or 653 hp generate up to 3,100 Nm of torque. In order to transfer this enormous amount of power gently to the ground, the XERION 12 Series is equipped with the TERRA TRAC triangular crawler track unit or twin wheels up to 800/70 R42. 

The successful basic concept with its securely screwed, heavy-duty central frame and two steering axles was taken over from the smaller XERION 4200, 4500 and 5000 models and was tailored to suit the extra performance involved, the heavier weight and the larger track width. However, the development of the vehicle also took into account the experience of customers, who wanted more profitability, tractive power, assistance and comfort for the 12 Series. Together with the variety of extras, the new models consequently also make a big impression with their even lower fuel consumption, large footprint, a spacious, four-point suspension cab with excellent all-round visibility, top-class assistance systems and powerful lighting solutions from HELLA. 

Indispensable HELLA lighting solutions for the XERION 12 Series from CLAAS

Indispensable HELLA lighting solutions for the XERION 12 Series from CLAAS 

HELLA products ensure concentration and a clear overview

In large-scale farming, it is particularly important for drivers to stay focused and to maintain the overview of everything that is going on. They often have to cover long distances with the tractors and then perform precise turning manoeuvres with bulky tools and implements in tow. The lighting has the task of ensuring that drivers can keep an eye on all important areas even in the dark and that the farming vehicles are always clearly visible to everybody else. 


The XERION 12 Series is therefore equipped with lighting solutions from HELLA, that enable safe, comfortable and fatigue-free working. LED work lamps play a particularly important role in all this. For a high light output of 4,000 lumens, the Module 90 S-series comes into play, while the Module 70 S-series is used for light output up to 1,850 lumens. Common to both are the outstanding efficiency, the high corrosion resistance and the integrated thermal management – the electronics protect the high-power LEDs from overheating and thus ensure a long service life. 


Similarly indispensable for good visibility in everyday work are the round Bi-LED low beam and high beam headlamp M133 LED and also the Bi-LED low beam and high beam headlamp L 4565 Essential, which is part of the 90 mm HELLA module series. Both are extremely robust and therefore ideally suited for use in the world of agriculture. 


And last but not least, the customised headlamps made for CLAAS also make an important contribution to the 360° illumination of the working area. They combine LED daytime running lights and LED work lamps. Together with the LED direction indicators Shapeline, the LED position lamps Shapeline and the LED side marker lamps 345 600, these give the XERION 12 Series a unique look. So as to ensure maximum visibility and thus maximum safety, the tractors are also equipped with the KL Rotaflex beacon


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