LED retrofit

LED Retrofit – a strong piece of HELLA technology -

Modern halogen lamps provide a proper road illumination to many vehicles. However, as good as they may be, they cannot rival the superior LED technology!


Brighter, stronger, cooler: Up until now, the only way to enjoy bright, daylight-like light colour provided by LED’s was to use LED headlights. This is no longer the case!


HELLA is proud to introduce a full portfolio of LED retrofit lamps. Car drivers equipped with halogen fog lights can easily upgrade to the advantages of LED technology. The broad product range offers a high coverage of vehicles.


HELLA LED Retrofit bulbs are available in most common versions, covering CARS, TRUCKS and MOTORCYCLES.


Available types:     ~H3, ~H7 and ~H8 / H11 / H16


All H7 LED-Retrofit bulbs are initially equipped with one center ring (type A), which covers about 50 % of the car park used for testing. Depending on the vehicle, the usage of an adapter ring may be required. HELLA offers one assortment of adapter rings:

  • Contains 11 different types of rings (36 piece), covering 80 % of the tested car park.


DISCLAIMER: These products are not approved for use on public roads. On-Road use will lead to cancellation of operating license and loss of insurance coverage. It is in your own responsibility to comply with local legal requirements. Not for sale in USA/Canada for High Beam/Low Beam.


Special heat dissipation: The Retrofit bulbs are equipped with a built-in motor fan and a high-quality aluminium heat sink with anodized coating, providing a large radiation area. Thus, the heat can be dissipated effectively, reducing the danger of overheating, and ensuring an optimal brightness at any time of operation.


The Retrofit bulbs work for both 12V and 24V applications.


The innovative brand new all-in-one bulb design includes an integrated driver box, offering multiple advantages. The constant current driver prevents overheating by automatically dimming at high temperatures. The compact driver box provides more space for the bulb body while the centre ring facilitates easy fitting.

Possible issues – and their solution

Issue: Dashboard error message lights up
May occur in: Cars with bulb failure detection
Reason: The car's lightbulb failure detection system is designed for halogen bulbs with the corresponding high wattage. However, LED lamps operate at low wattages.  When the fault detection system detects low wattages, it reports a defective lightbulb.

Solution: The threshold of the bulb failure detection system must be adapted to the lower wattage of LED bulbs (CAN Bus). In this case, a CAN BUS adapter must also be installed.


Issue: flickering and dimming
Can appear in: Any type of car
Reason: The error is caused by pulse width modulation (PWM) in the power supply to the car's headlights
Solution: LED light repair CANbus adapter must also be installed


Issue: No light
May occur in: Any type of car
Reason:  Some LED bulbs are polarized (+/- pins). If the bulb, i.e. the pins are inserted reversed, the bulb will generate no light.
Solution: The LED bulb must be removed and inserted the opposite way.

Installation by a workshop recommended

However, the installation of Retrofit Bulbs should not be carried out by customers themselves, but by professional workshops – for the following reasons:


  • In some cases, a canbus adaptor may be necessary, especially in cars with bulb failure detection.
  • Due to limited space in the engine compartment, it may be challenging to insert the bulbs into the socket properly. To avoid damages, the installation should be done by a professional workshop
  • It may be necessary to use separate connector rings in order to fit the Retrofit bulbs into the socket. Choosing the suitable ring should be left to a professional.
  • Professional workshops are able to perform a proper fault analysis in case of malfunction.


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