NOx sensor

The NOx sensor comprises a probe and a control unit. Via a cable harness these are firmly connected with each other to form a unit. This sensor unit is installed in the exhaust gas system and is used to recognize nitrogen oxides in the flow of exhaust gas.  
The NOx sensor is an important component in the posttreatment system to reduce NOx, which is used in diesel vehicles with urea-based SCR systems (selective catalytic reduction). The sensor enables compliance with the stringent emission values starting from Euro 5 norm onwards. Consequently, the NOx sensor guarantees an optimal dosage of AdBlue by the engine system, thus bringing about an effective reduction of nitrogen oxides which are harmful to the environment.  
HELLA's product portfolio in this area is continuously being expanded and further developed. Discover our high-quality NOx sensors.


  • Tested in accordance with HELLA quality standards
  • Complies with OEM specifications
  • The product has been developed with particular attention being given to resistance to engine vibrations and also to increased temperatures
  • NOx sensors are standard equipment on passenger cars, light and heavy commercial vehicles covering both Euro 5 & 6 applications

Decisive control: HELLA NOx sensors

Did you know that NOx sensors in modern vehicles are so sensitive that they can detect even the slightest changes in nitrogen oxide concentration in real time? In the new product video you will learn all about the crucial role that HELLA NOx sensors play in the exhaust gas aftertreatment system. Get a clear explanation of how they work and gain an insight into the HELLA portfolio relating to the exhaust tract. Have fun watching!


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Technical product information

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